Sunday, 30 May 2010

Feeling a bit neurotic...


I decided to do a giveaway to celebrate one thousand people visiting my shop. However, no one, nobody, not one single person, has left a comment saying that they want to be included. This is either because

1. The necklace is not actually very nice.

2. I am not yet very good at blogging and therefore nobody is really following or reading what I am wittering on about, which leads onto

3.They are reading but do not find it interesting in any way.

Maybe I am being a tad delicate and over-sensitive but I thought that I would at least be packing this sweet little bird (with a pearl and howlite and gorgeous, gorgeous amazonite) up as a treat for someone on June 6th. If this silence continues, I will end up keeping it for myself.

Here is a final peek at the necklace. Next time you see it, it will probably be strung around my neck...
Please give this bird a good home.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Living in Cambridge, we do much of our travelling about by bike. I love my bike and Smaller Bean rides on the back giving me a rolling commentary on yellow cars, motorbikes and the bin lorries. She loves the bin lorries. Always has done. She waves enthusiastically at them which can be a bit embarrassing at times.

Yesterday we took Small Bean up to Beavers and on the way home, our (not so) trusty two wheeled transport managed to spill us. Thankfully we were not on a road and a lovely lady stopped to ask if we were ok, which we were. Smaller Bean was not happy about the sudden sideways skid and being trapped in her seat but she was completely unharmed. I, on the other hand had a Very Painful elbow and foot. I have had to throw my shoes away because one of them has a hole in it now. Over last night, more and more bits of me were beginning to feel sore. I have a very impressive lump and bruise on my leg. Look!

Actually, this doesn't really do the bruise justice. And my elbow isn't much better. It is not as painful as it was yesterday, at least I can bend it again but pressing down on it still hurts lots.

We were brought home by our lovely neighbour, Becka and then looked after by Big Bean. As for the bike, I won't be getting back on it until Big Bean has done a thorough MOT on it this weekend. And I've got a little shoe shopping trip to plan...


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

You've gotta be in it to win it!

Now where on earth is that hideous catchphrase from???
My humble new website, Mulberry-Dog has just had its one thousandth visitor. In celebration, I am having a little giveaway. This is the item in question.

If you would like to win it, either leave a comment here, or send me an email using this page. The draw will be on June 7th 2010 so get in touch before then or I can't put your name in the hat.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

PS (You may need to read Gaaarrrgh before this post)

Overheard in the playground earlier...

Why do the French eat snails?

Beacuse they don't like fast food. Boom Boom.


Ever get the feeling that you are living in a parallel world? Everything is familiar but not quite all there?

Smaller Bean is at the stage where she asks continually 'Where is ____?' (Insert name at random.) She asks it about people in the room. She even asks the person she is asking where they are. At tea yesterday, she asked where Daddy was. I had kinda had enough of this questioning and told her that Daddy was in a rocket on the way to the moon. She told me he was at work. Gaaaaaarrrrgh. Small Bean thinks this is all extremely amusing and encourages it.

However, I am not immune to his random bonkersness either. He is really into telling jokes and thinks that his own jokes are particularly funny.

An example: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because the flowers were green.
Cue raucous laughter from him and the tumbleweed blowing past me.

So I ordered him a joke book. It is one that I remember from years ago and it is still in print. Even the title is funny. He was very excited when it arrived and told some good jokes.

Then this morning... 'Mummy, what do you get if you cross a fork with a computer?'
'A coat.'
Cue tumbleweed, raucous laughter etc.

Think I need a holiday. Or a lot more wine.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Road Trip

I have been invited to a Birthday Lunch. It is my aunt's 70th birthday and her family and friends are getting together to celebrate. However. She lives in Wiltshire and I live in Cambridge. It is a round trip of 6 hours driving. SIX HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to pack a serious amount of good music and lots of snacks. The Small Beans are staying at home with Big Bean for fun and mucking about while I tackle the road trip alone. Although I am looking forward to catching up with the rellies and eating a slap-up lunch that I have had no part in preparing or even thinking about, I am just a teeny bit envious of the Beans staying here. I know they are going to have a lot of fun.

I made her these earrings as she loves pearls but looking at them again I'm not too sure if they are a bit on the large and long side for her. I love the little peridot chips- I think they lift the earrings a bit. While I had the Magic Bean Box out I carried on making and tried out a new design with my beloved hoops and some more pearls. It is for sale here, in my little shop.

And then, looking out at the fast disappearing blossom, I made these earrings. I think I will keep these for myself though- I really love a bit of a pink/green combo.

Well, I'd best be off to start making a pile of cheese and pickle on granary and sorting out some CD's. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Putting all political opinions aside for a sec, just HOW did Dave (Cameron) remember all that speech by heart before he went into Number 10?

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

May Day Treats

There was a birthday on May Day in our house. We had a rather delicious lunch here and spent a bit of time in the Farmers Market, where I bought a little bit of summer.


We had a peek at the chickens, a very grumpy turkey and this guy, who put on an impressive display for us.

The lovely woodland walk was closed because the sheep were lambing so we went back to Eversden Wood to check out the bluebells. Wow. They were indeed out.

We found this huge fungi growing on a tree. Still haven't worked out what it is. And this little egg from which I think a wee blackbird hatched.

We had a day filled with treats and I think that the Birthday Boy had lots of fun, even though his Missus burnt the Dundee Birthday Cake.