Friday, 23 March 2012

Trying Something New and Baring One's Soul to the World...

Quite a bit of blogging and making stuff to sell, whether it is jewellery, quilts, socks or jam pot covers, requires a lot of bravery by the individual who is revealing their thing.
The first time I had a wee stall at SmallBean's school summer fair I was almost sick with nerves at the thought of someone looking at what I had made, judging me. I had a bit of a blogbreak recently when someone I vaguely know was (drunkenly) mocking me and the blog. Is this a self indulgent past time or showing off? To me it is neither, just a record of Bean life and a pattern of the years.
Part of the reason I started Magic Beans was to promote my jewellery and sell a bit more but the longer I blog, the more uncomfortable I feel about doing that. So, I post about funny things the Smalls have said. Little achievements (patchwork), holidays and day to day mundaneities. (Is that a word?)
Father Christmas was very generous this year. He left a watercolour set in my stocking.
I have always thought of myself as quite a creative being but not with a paintbrush. Mrs Aplin, art teacher throughout senior school, frequently asked me to tidy up the art stock and I stopped doing art as soon as I was able to because everyone else was better then me.
Back to today, and I picked up the paints and painted. Copied. Photos from the internet. No not those sort of photos, but tits, yes. This is not sounding good...
What I am trying to say is that here is some painting that I had a go at and am now showing to everyone who is still reading. I am being brave.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I know there have been endless pictures of hellebores posted recently. This one is just glorious. Other things are beginning to stir though. Limey euphorbia and teeny little violets, campanula and my most favourite of favourites- grape hyacinths. The sun is starting to shine and a collared dove has built a nest in the wisteria next door but one.