Tuesday, 13 September 2011


SmallerBean had her first swimming lesson last week and she LOVED it. It was just FAB watching her in the pool with five other Small People, splashing about, having fun and really listening to her teacher. Really making eye contact, taking in what MissusSwimmy ( let's just call her H) was saying and doing her utmost to follow the instructions. It was the first time I've seen or had the opportunity to watch Smaller in action in that sort of situation. She was a good pupil. I was very proud of her. (She was also quite fearless and scared me once or twice, diving down to pick up some stick thing.)

When we were on our way home, she asked endless questions about H, who happens to be a mumma up at SmallBean's school. Question after question. 'Why does H have girls?' 'Why is she a mummy?' 'Does H like swimming?' (Not always the brightest Bean...) 'Why is she going to be at school?' 'Where does H live?' 'Why was H wearing a t-shirt with writing on it?' etc etc. I switched off after a while. Stalking came to mind.

Up at school at pick up (no deer sighted recently) we saw H and Smaller had to go and say hello. And stare and stare. Stalking...?

Back at home at tea time, the marriage subject came up. 'Why do girls have to marry to boys mummy? Why can't girls marry to girls?' 'They can but usually girls marry boys.' 'I'm going to marry H then.'

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Giveaway Update

Have realised that I put no 'time up' date on the post for the Back To School Blues giveaway.

I'll do a random selection on Friday 16 September. If you put a link on your blog, I'll pop your name in twice.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I've Got The Back To School Blues...

...and I can't help but cry.

I've got the back to school blues

And all I do is sigh.

Well. Not quite. But I am back to work (part time) after three years at home and I am a teeny bit nervous.

And there is that feeling of 'September' in the air. Are you feeling the blues too? You are?

So. To help everyone along, I thought a giveaway might be in order. Just to cheer up the mood.

How about some earrings?

Or a necklace?

Leave a little comment and what you'd like and I'll pull a rabbit, sorry, name out of the hat and send a Cheery September Parcel to someone.

PS. Sorry about the bad blues at the start.

PPS. This blogger spacing is really starting to annoy me.