Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I've Got The Back To School Blues...

...and I can't help but cry.

I've got the back to school blues

And all I do is sigh.

Well. Not quite. But I am back to work (part time) after three years at home and I am a teeny bit nervous.

And there is that feeling of 'September' in the air. Are you feeling the blues too? You are?

So. To help everyone along, I thought a giveaway might be in order. Just to cheer up the mood.

How about some earrings?

Or a necklace?

Leave a little comment and what you'd like and I'll pull a rabbit, sorry, name out of the hat and send a Cheery September Parcel to someone.

PS. Sorry about the bad blues at the start.

PPS. This blogger spacing is really starting to annoy me.


  1. I'll let you off with the blues! I can imagine how nervous you must be after three years at home but I'm sure you'll be fine and everyone will be super.

    The necklace is very pretty, in case I'm lucky...

    So many people are still having problems with Blogger, you'd think they would have sorted it out by now wouldn't you?

  2. I know how you feel about the blues and the weather does not help either. I am sure you will enjoy being back at work once you get into the swing of it. September feel is really in the air! for the first time in years it feels like proper back to school weather! like when we were little!
    If I were lucky enough to win I love the necklace.
    Have a happy evening,
    Andrea x

  3. Loving your blog! We sing a song about Bea and Lily and others going for a bike ride to the park often at bedtime!!! Returning to K Street tomorrow...will be sad without you and the others. What work are you doing? Has Bea started yet? Guessing she'll know loads of the others................
    ....if I won, a necklace! While I remember, got a Christmas market at church in November (150+people there last time I think)...if the organiser wants another jewellery stall (2 already I think), are you interested? Love Meg

  4. No wonder you are nervous, i would be too going back to work after enjoying being at home with your little ones but I am sure after a week or so you will feel like you have been there forever.

    I hope your blues lift very soon. Lovely idea having a giveaway, the necklace is gorgeous!

  5. Good luck with work, I'm sure within a day or two the nerves will be gone, and you'll feel as though you never left!

    Your giveaway is lovely, I'd love the necklace if I was lucky enough to win.

    Do check out my giveaway, 24 hours to go until I make my random selection :-)

  6. Can't think how I missed this - I'd love to take part. Definately more blue than normal - frustrated with my lack of ability to get about.

    If I was lucky, I'd love the necklace :)

  7. I'll tell you what annoys me - google reader has been playing me up all week and I didn't even see this post. ARGHHHHH. How can I keep up the thin veneer of appearing organised if my secret tools let me down?


    Having spent much of the last week cursing back to school both for my girls and myself (where have al those lovely relaxed days and untearful children gone?) I can fully sympathise. I would love to be entered into your giveaway but I did win one of your others so feel a bit cheeky asking. I would be equally happy with either piece of gorgeousness, and even happier if we could fix a date for tea (though I know that will be harder now!)

  8. Hello, I've just found you via Vintage Vicki, I love jewellery so hope it's not too cheeky to enter with my first comment! Both are very pretty, but I'm a big fan of earrings - don't feel dressed without them!

  9. I am enjoying reading your blog. As you newest follower, I will look forward to your visit soon