Monday, 29 August 2011

Back Home

Our dreamy week is over and we are back to earth with a bump.

Loch Fyne living was magical.

Highlights were

SmallBean catching ten mackerel. (He equalled my highscore of five on one line of feathers, twice.)

SmallerBean playing musical chairs with her Grandpa and Great Uncle. It truly had to be seen to be believed.

SmallBean learning to skim (or as he calls it, skin) stones.

Seeing amazing sunrises.

Watching a thunderstorm roll in towards us one evening and then standing out in the torrential rain.

Eating the most delicious scallops, langoustine and mussels and the mackerel for supper one night surrounded by family.

Watching the Beansprouts pottering on the beach, lifting stones and catching crabs.

Putting the frozen mackerel guts into the sea and waiting and watching the crabs fight over their tea. This is excellent spectator sport if you have a strong stomach.

Going to Carnasserie Castle for a walk- the view along Kilmartin Glen from the top is incredible.

And here are a few sneaks of the week.

Edit: I have been googling the caterpillar and it appears to be from an elephant hawk moth. The caterpillar feed on rosebay willow herb, which was growing along the lochside and the moths are becoming more common in Scotland. Fab stuff.

(Page from UK Moths used for reference.)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Overheard in the kitchen...

SmallBean (getting the cereal out of the cupboard): Why have you got a packet of elastic bands in here?

Me: They're not elastic bands, they're noodles.

Monday, 1 August 2011

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday, the Beans packed up a picnic, the two hammocks and a camera and went off here, to Eversden Woods. These are ancient woodlands just near the Wimpole Estate, a National Trust property just south of Cambridge. We drove past the car park where the hoards were queueing to get in to see the amazing house, farm and gardens. (It is a wonderful day out, but not on a sunny Sunday.) We had a more peaceful adventure planned. Up the hill we drove and parked the car- not a soul in sight. And off we went. Just a solitary hare and a shrew were spied, but plenty of insects and plants. Smaller was not impresssed by the waspy interest in our picnic...
A day of wandering, thinking, chatting, looking, laughing, planning and playing.

Aplogies for bizarre spacing but blogger is not doing as it is told.