Monday, 29 August 2011

Back Home

Our dreamy week is over and we are back to earth with a bump.

Loch Fyne living was magical.

Highlights were

SmallBean catching ten mackerel. (He equalled my highscore of five on one line of feathers, twice.)

SmallerBean playing musical chairs with her Grandpa and Great Uncle. It truly had to be seen to be believed.

SmallBean learning to skim (or as he calls it, skin) stones.

Seeing amazing sunrises.

Watching a thunderstorm roll in towards us one evening and then standing out in the torrential rain.

Eating the most delicious scallops, langoustine and mussels and the mackerel for supper one night surrounded by family.

Watching the Beansprouts pottering on the beach, lifting stones and catching crabs.

Putting the frozen mackerel guts into the sea and waiting and watching the crabs fight over their tea. This is excellent spectator sport if you have a strong stomach.

Going to Carnasserie Castle for a walk- the view along Kilmartin Glen from the top is incredible.

And here are a few sneaks of the week.

Edit: I have been googling the caterpillar and it appears to be from an elephant hawk moth. The caterpillar feed on rosebay willow herb, which was growing along the lochside and the moths are becoming more common in Scotland. Fab stuff.

(Page from UK Moths used for reference.)


  1. That sounds like the perfect holiday to me. The picture of the caterpillar is marvellous, I like the way that it has 'eyes' on its rear end. I went 'spinning' for Mackerel in Cornwall and couldn't believe how many can be caught on one line. Don't they taste good when they are that fresh?

  2. That's a caterpillar? Blimey, I have led a sheltered life.

    We are determinedly trying to eke the most fun out of the last few days of holiday. So far today we're not doing brilliantly - must try harder this afternoon!

  3. I love Loch Fyne, a great area for a holiday - sounds like you all had a great time! Jealous of all that yummy seafood as well, mussels are my favourites, yum! Great photos! :) x

  4. It looks like a lovely holiday, we've been eating so much mackerel, lobster and crab here in Brittany, isn't fresh caught seafood the best?

  5. oh my. did you get the languistines from that creel? and 5 mackerel on a line, good greif we were smug about 3...... can I come next year please xxx

  6. Sounds blissful! Some fabulous memories in the can for all concerned by the look of it. The musical chairs sounds like it may have entered family legend?!

    That is one monster cattapillar!

    Were the midges ok? Bx

  7. Now that's my idea of a proper holiday! We still haven't made it up to Scotland, it's definitely on our list though, especially after reading this post!

    P.s. I was wondering about the midges too. x

  8. What stupendous pictures. Oh though, That caterpillar gave me a bit of a shudder. Am I right in remembering that those eyes are, ahem, on its rear?

  9. Sounds idyllic - am off to get some frozen mackeral guts for the crabs! I have a strong stomach.

  10. I have a great grin on my face because I KNOW how much my smalls would dig a week like yours. Pure heaven, I reckon (caterpillar only a bonus)...

  11. Looks like you had a really lovely holiday, I have been to Loch Fyne, but was many moons ago and we would love to take Fin and Gabs up there.
    So glad you had a fab time,
    Andrea x

  12. YUM! Nothing like some fresh mackerel straight off the line and onto the BBQ....bliss! Even better when you've caught it yourself and last year we tried smoking some and it was really delicious. Glad you had a lovely holiday.
    K x