Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May Photo Scavenge

As usual, the end of the month has taken me COMPLETELY by surprise and I have had to rush to get these done. Some need a lot of artistic licence. Please give it to me- you know how disorganised I am by now, surely?

A bicycle- my trusty steed.

A black and white portrait- me at about two years.

An emergency vehicle

Something blue- this little beaker just jumped out at me as I walked past the bathroom earlier. We are rather stuck on blue here at BeanTowers so I was a bit spoilt for choice.

A butterfly. Made by SmallBean's friend.

A sign of the zodiac- Aquarius, the Water-Carrier.

Texture- my jumper

Think vintage- an old tin of my Granny's, now filled with old photos.

I am missing four. But if I don't post these, it will never get done. I promise I will finish the June Scavenge properly. Promise.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

I Went Shopping...

I went shopping and I bought a jug.

I went shopping and I bought a jug and a cooling rack.

I went shopping and I bought a jug, a cooling rack and a cake stand.

I should have left my wallet at home. I didn't need any of these things but they called. They cried. And the wee jug threw itself at my ankles and begged to leave its dusty shelf where it had been sitting for months.

So now they are Chez Bean. And mighty pleased I am too.

Apologies for the rubbish link to the shop- I couldn't find a good one anywhere.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


May the fourth be with you.

Sorry. Couldn't help myself.


March flew.
But during April I experienced some sort of time-travel. Just what did happen to the days? Our holiday here, in a wind pump on the Norfolk Broads seems a light year away.

Did I just imagine that we stayed in this magical place, where owls and herons were a common sight? And the watery world we lived in was a dream?

Easter seems to have vanished into thin air too. Eggs long scoffed,

our Easter breakfast outside in the garden a distant memory.

Wedding celebrations, BigBean's 40th, lazy long weekends and school holidays are all over.

I'm quite sad about getting back to normal.

But we've only got four weeks til half term.