Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May Photo Scavenge

As usual, the end of the month has taken me COMPLETELY by surprise and I have had to rush to get these done. Some need a lot of artistic licence. Please give it to me- you know how disorganised I am by now, surely?

A bicycle- my trusty steed.

A black and white portrait- me at about two years.

An emergency vehicle

Something blue- this little beaker just jumped out at me as I walked past the bathroom earlier. We are rather stuck on blue here at BeanTowers so I was a bit spoilt for choice.

A butterfly. Made by SmallBean's friend.

A sign of the zodiac- Aquarius, the Water-Carrier.

Texture- my jumper

Think vintage- an old tin of my Granny's, now filled with old photos.

I am missing four. But if I don't post these, it will never get done. I promise I will finish the June Scavenge properly. Promise.


  1. oh my , the water carrier is the best ever. and I'm looking like I'll be 7 short this month....

  2. That is the cutest water carrier ever! I think artistic license is definately to be encouraged.

  3. I love the photos you did get! This list was a bit of a challenge, I did most of it over the weekend! I'm glad June's list is a bit easier.

  4. Wonderful photos, as I have no idea about the challenge, I can simply admire them:-)

  5. Great scavenger hunt photos! :) x