Friday, 3 June 2011

Blogger, I am here, yes, over here...

Blogger has gone bonkers.

For some reason, it isn't recognising my existence when I try to comment on quite a few blogs.

I am trying to sort it.

Meanwhile, please know that I have found all recent posts very amusing/creative/ironic/poignant/awe-inspiring*

Back soon, Ax

*Delete as appropriate


  1. How very dare blogger lose you, so rude!

  2. What an absolute pain in the bum :o(
    Hope you get sorted out soon.

  3. bah humbug to blogger I say. I've struggled to comment a few times but touch wood mostly ok, but I've read a few people grumbling .

  4. I couldn't comment last week, but it seems blogger is working for me today! Nana Go Go mentioned that unticking the 'keep me signed in' box sometimes helps. Seems to have worked for me! :) x

  5. Rude, insensitive machines. Blogger has been decidedly adolescent recently.