Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Missing History Years

I was suddenly aware that all was very quiet in our house. SmallerBean had disappeared and when you can't hear her it usually means that Something Has Happened.

Like blue biro on newly painted walls. Or sweet peas being mismanaged. Or Important Lego models being, well, remodelled.

I admit it. I panicked.

But I shouldn't have worried. All she was doing was rummaging through Small's box of dressing up and putting things on. In fact, she had put on everything.

She was a knightRobinHoodromanpirategladiatorviking.

Have you seen one of those before?

They are quite cute.

A bit of this... of these...

...and this...

...topped off with one of those.

I think that the historians missed The KnightRobinHoodromanpirategladiatorviking Period. Or maybe they died out pretty fast- the fashion was quite hot. In fact, Smaller's comment during tea was 'I'm gettin' quite sweaty. I'm takin' off moy trousers.'


  1. They are so sweet when dressed up in the land of make believe.

  2. adorable! and I'm sure the missing trousers period of history is poorly documented too!

  3. Awwwwwww! I have very many similar pics of mine doing much the same thing. And I am stunned that your little one bears a striking resemblance to my smaller one. Though it could just be the blonde hair and big grin :-)

  4. So cute.
    I remember once, after a quiet lull in our house, it transpired that my little one (aged about two at the time) had painted her big brothers prized tank model in yellow. She explained she was making it 'more pretty'. He was not impressed!

  5. The dressing up years are sadly gone in this house - happy days!

  6. Hee Hee. Love it! Fergus went today to his favourite shop 'Ferguson's' (!), a sort of army-surplus-cum-workwear-cum-curiostiy shop, unchanged since 1950 (they still close for 1.5 hours at lunchtime!) and bought a Finnish gas mask. He almost wore it shopping but declined just as I was locking the car -91/2 year olds are only just a little more conscious of their get-up!

  7. Fab!!!
    I love it when a dress up becomes something great, Gabs is always doing it, several times a day to be exact!!! Follow a trail of clothing, shoes, wings,jewellery and you find Gabs in the middle of it!! Is it like that for you too!!
    Have a happy Sunday, it is pouring down here!
    Andrea x

  8. Oh love her...I think Vivienne Westwood would be most impressed with her imaginative attire...I miss those days so much.

  9. How cute! Looking forward to dressing up times with our little one (only 3 months to go!!). :) x

  10. PRICELESS. My Small does a different sort of rendition with PrincessFairyMermaidFairyFairyPrincess. Way too much tulle...

  11. So sweet, I love the imagination and thought that went into that outfit FAB :-)
    ps you're a winner x x x x x