Monday, 27 June 2011

Muntjac: Take Two

The freaky and slightly magic mushroom experience* of seeing a muntjac deer streak through the KS1 playground last week may not be so rare and unbelievable after all.

The brave thing decided to make a run for it during lunch playtime (according to SmallBean) and was last seen returning to the pond- a fenced off area out of bounds most of the time. Except it seems, to muntjac deer. He ran 'very, very, very fast. Faster than when he was trying to escape last week.' I think I would run very, very, very fast if I was running across the KS2 field with a bunch of Y2's shouting at me and pointing.

So. There we are. Most schools have gerbils. Or goldfish. Milton Road Primary has a deer. That is so Cambridge.

*I'm guessing about the magic mushrooms. I have no experience of magic mushrooms. Except that one Autumn a group of us went to Richmond Park to find some. We only found deer poo.


  1. so you went looking for mushrooms and found deer poo and now you have a deer. is there a link? I was wondering what would be so Northumberland - a yeti?

  2. lol love that, no wonder the poor dear sprinted for it. We often see them in the field next to our house and then quite often hear our dog Ted panting through the field making chase. Love the magic mushroom hunt story :-)

  3. The muntjac in our village stroll up the high street and eat flowers from the pots outside people's houses. Now *that's* Cambridge.

    As is astonishing heat, it seems. Phew, what a scorcher (recalling the newspaper headlines of my youth).

  4. Muntjac are getting braver - we had one run down the high street in midwinter during a snow storm - saw a great pic on a friends facebook page.

    We often get them in our front garden - I am blaming them for eating my foxgloves this year!

    Bet its been hot for you today - my parents were in Cambridge visiting my brother yesterday and they were glad to get back to nearer the coast.

  5. least it's not an 18 stone red deer stag! Muntjac are so cute and sweet and ikle and just right for a primary school pet!
    K x

  6. They might be cute but they eat everything in sight, darned things. I am guessing though, that if you hadn't seen one previously, it would have been a quite amazing sight.

  7. Here in Richmond we confine the deer to the park. I have however seem 3 badgers (or maybe the same one 3 times) walking past my front door in the last 4 months!

  8. It's catching. A male, silver pheasant has taken up voluntary residency at the school. Never seen one in my life - let alone in the 'wild'. The school chooks are NOT amused.