Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Photo Scavenge

On time.
No cheating. (Well not really... as usual I've had to run around the house like a mad thing trying to fit the list.)

A farm animal- Smaller's gorgeous money box. I did want to use a photo of the Red Poll on the common but they were moved on while the fair was in town and haven't returned. As Smaller said 'Are they burgers now?'

Something beginning with z- my zebra print boots.

An elephant- on the Christening invitation for my new niece, Frankie.

A childhood memory- Woodland Snap. Do any of you remember Nubby Tope? Prettywigs Pattikins? Mrs Croak? I found these recently in a local toyshop and the SmallBeans love them as much as I did.

Branches- our mulberry tree in the garden.

Cutlery- I just opened the drawer and pressed the button to take the picture. I am quite impressed how shiny it is...

Cheese- doesn't last long in our house.

Something with the name of where you live on it- books from Cambridge University Press.

Wheel trim- on my trusty/rusty bike.

The view out of our front door.

Architectural detail- amazing brickwork in an old barn we really wanted to buy. But didn't. I'm still pining.



  1. Lovely pics :)

    Love the one of the sleeping small boy :)

    I am sure I have seen those cards somewhere in my past - either we owned some or they were at a Grannies house.

  2. Beautiful photos, and like Vicki I remember these, or very similar cards.

  3. zebra print boots, you saucy lady!

  4. A great picture for night! An intersting set, well done on getting them all on time!

  5. Love the fancy zebra print boots! Great photos! :) x

  6. That was a fun set of photos. I would love a sheepy bank like the one at the top! Rather liking those boots too!
    K x