Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Photo Scavenge

On time.
No cheating. (Well not really... as usual I've had to run around the house like a mad thing trying to fit the list.)

A farm animal- Smaller's gorgeous money box. I did want to use a photo of the Red Poll on the common but they were moved on while the fair was in town and haven't returned. As Smaller said 'Are they burgers now?'

Something beginning with z- my zebra print boots.

An elephant- on the Christening invitation for my new niece, Frankie.

A childhood memory- Woodland Snap. Do any of you remember Nubby Tope? Prettywigs Pattikins? Mrs Croak? I found these recently in a local toyshop and the SmallBeans love them as much as I did.

Branches- our mulberry tree in the garden.

Cutlery- I just opened the drawer and pressed the button to take the picture. I am quite impressed how shiny it is...

Cheese- doesn't last long in our house.

Something with the name of where you live on it- books from Cambridge University Press.

Wheel trim- on my trusty/rusty bike.

The view out of our front door.

Architectural detail- amazing brickwork in an old barn we really wanted to buy. But didn't. I'm still pining.


Monday, 27 June 2011

Muntjac: Take Two

The freaky and slightly magic mushroom experience* of seeing a muntjac deer streak through the KS1 playground last week may not be so rare and unbelievable after all.

The brave thing decided to make a run for it during lunch playtime (according to SmallBean) and was last seen returning to the pond- a fenced off area out of bounds most of the time. Except it seems, to muntjac deer. He ran 'very, very, very fast. Faster than when he was trying to escape last week.' I think I would run very, very, very fast if I was running across the KS2 field with a bunch of Y2's shouting at me and pointing.

So. There we are. Most schools have gerbils. Or goldfish. Milton Road Primary has a deer. That is so Cambridge.

*I'm guessing about the magic mushrooms. I have no experience of magic mushrooms. Except that one Autumn a group of us went to Richmond Park to find some. We only found deer poo.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seeing isn't always believing

Imagine the scene...

3.15 on Friday aftenoon.
The sun is shining.

The school is a large primary in the centre of a city. 330 children. That equals a lot of people at pick-up time.

The playground is urban, well landscaped, green but surrounded by houses and the road isn't busy with traffic but there are parked cars and bicycles everywhere.

The children are all coming out of their classrooms.
Parents (mostly mummies) are standing round, chatting, hugging their children as they rush out.
Younger siblings are hanging off the climbing frames (not allowed but...) chasing each other and generally getting in the way of everyone collecting their scooters and bikes from the sheds.

Then suddenly there is a muntjac deer running through the crowds and desperately trying to find the exit. It hides momentarily in the hedge but then makes a bid for freedom out of the gate, dodging the scooters and book bags and disappears into the grounds of the education building next door.

Everyone in the playground is either standing with jaws dropped (no, not drawers) or saying 'What? Where? I don't believe you.'

And two days later, even though I saw the poor beastie with my own eyes, I still can't quite believe it either.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Missing History Years

I was suddenly aware that all was very quiet in our house. SmallerBean had disappeared and when you can't hear her it usually means that Something Has Happened.

Like blue biro on newly painted walls. Or sweet peas being mismanaged. Or Important Lego models being, well, remodelled.

I admit it. I panicked.

But I shouldn't have worried. All she was doing was rummaging through Small's box of dressing up and putting things on. In fact, she had put on everything.

She was a knightRobinHoodromanpirategladiatorviking.

Have you seen one of those before?

They are quite cute.

A bit of this... of these...

...and this...

...topped off with one of those.

I think that the historians missed The KnightRobinHoodromanpirategladiatorviking Period. Or maybe they died out pretty fast- the fashion was quite hot. In fact, Smaller's comment during tea was 'I'm gettin' quite sweaty. I'm takin' off moy trousers.'

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Henry Ford take two

Ian Mankin. Heard of him? Fab tickings and stripes and checks abound in his shop and it is where I headed (online) when I started thinking about blinds for our new bath and bed room up in our newly converted loft. Commonly, and also contrarily, most grandly known here at BeanTowers as The Top Floor.

However. Trouble lay ahead. We have a problem with colour. We have nothing against colour but just with the choosing. If the charts and swatches had about five options, we would be well away. But they don't. Personally, I think Henry Ford had the right idea with the old 'You can have any colour you like as long as it's black.' Only here, it it Dulux white.

So I browsed and clicked and sent a wee message off to Mr Mankin, requesting a few samples. They arrived and I oohed and ahhed. Gorgeous little rectangles of thick beautiful fabric. But which to choose? Quite a decision as they are not cheap. And they have colour in them.

How about this one? Sagey. A bit too green I think.

This? Not too sure about the darker blue.

I think this could be it.

Definately not. Why did I pick this? So not me.

Pale grey ticking. Almost wins over the blue...

Too green again...

Mmm. Gaaaarrrgh. Which one???

I had a brainwave.

And to put the decision off, I got out the sewing machine and put the idea into reality. Want to see?

Like it? I am so pleased with myself that I'll show you another photo.

And no, it isn't for outside use (well not yet). It sits on our pew so that I can lean against it in the evening with my glass of wine.

And do you know which one I have chosen? None of them. I need someone to do it for me.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Blogger, I am here, yes, over here...

Blogger has gone bonkers.

For some reason, it isn't recognising my existence when I try to comment on quite a few blogs.

I am trying to sort it.

Meanwhile, please know that I have found all recent posts very amusing/creative/ironic/poignant/awe-inspiring*

Back soon, Ax

*Delete as appropriate