Thursday, 28 July 2011

Freaky Balloon Moment

I looked up from reading SmallerBean's bedtime story last night and spied this.

Recognise anyone?

Marge Simpson or what???

Monday, 18 July 2011


Seven years ago today, this small person arrived.

For some reason, SmallBean turning seven has really shocked me. The time has flown so so fast. Why his seventh birthday is making me feel slightly melancholy and reflective I am not sure. I thought that your first childs tenth birthday was the one which hit you hard. Maybe it is the realisation that he is about to move up to KS2. Perhaps just having my birthday is making me more thoughtful. I don't know.

But he is not a dependent and needy boy any more. He is an interesting and funny, articulate and unique boy.

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Boy. Your cake is in the oven.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Take a walk out into some green space.

Lie down on the grass for five minutes.

Close your eyes.


distant cars

unknown flying beasties humming

children playing, bickering, laughing

breeze blowing the leaves of the huge oak

an aeroplane off to foreign lands

invisible grasshoppers chirruping

a cuckoo

the deep drone of a bumble bee

a pigeon cooing

a fly buzzing right by my ear
small birds high in the branches twittering to each other

twigs being snapped by faraway feet

pheasants chooking

What will you hear in your five minutes?