Thursday, 22 January 2015

Better Late Than Never...

I started writing a post just after Christmas but got side tracked and then forgot. So here is a random peek at a birthday and a winter walk.

SmallerBean turned seven three days after Christmas. Yes. Rubbish timing but at least her bestie shares the same date. Seven years to change from this mighty, nine and a half pound chubster to this funny, articulate and colt-legged gorgeous girl. (No, she doesn't get the legs from me...)

Much cake was eaten
and a trip to the panto was made.

We went a couple of frosty walks (this one is at Eversden Woods) cracking the icy fields and skimming shards of ice across them for what seemed like miles.
In the shade the frost was incredible.

 And in the sunlight the lichen shone like gold.

Happy Belated New Year!