Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cabin Fever

SmallerBean has been struck by a bug. Fluctuating high temperatures, good humour, earache and a sore throat. Interspersed with bad humour, clingyness and 'wobbly eyes'.
One minute she is up to high jinx with SmallBean, the next she is sobbing in a heap on the sofa. I, sorry, she has been suffering for three days.

It is trying my patience. Added to which, the weather can only be described as, well, wet.
Every opportunity to pop out for a breather is suddenly scuppered by more rain.

There is a serious case of cabin fever here.

Monday, 16 April 2012


 Last night we returned from a week in the Borders. Long walks, days on the beach, eating breakfast outside and breathing in fresh spring air was much needed by all of us. We read, explored, chatted, played, laughed and relaxed. Looking through the photos last night I realised that the overwhelming colour of the week was green. Yes, there were huge blue skies, frothy white blossom (and lambs a plenty), angry grey hail clouds, rainbows and little red squirrels, but if I close my eyes now and think back on the week it is green that fills my head.

 The bluebells were just starting to flower. In the next couple of weeks I suspect that there will be little green in this wood...
 The huge spring tides flooded the Urr making it almost like a lake. (Perhaps I should say loch...)

 SmallBean and I took a hike up Screel. To reach the top you have to walk through dark pine forests. The lichen and moss on the trees were the sunlight managed to penetrate was amazing, dripping from the boughs.

 The chestnuts were ahead in the leaf race...
 ...but the lambs won the Ahhh Factor. And no, we can't have one as a pet.

Cambridge is looking greener than it was a week ago. On a much more controlled and smaller scale. What are your Easter colour memories?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Looking Up

Looking up this afternoon, this is what I saw. Blue and blossom and brightness. In every direction. Not an April Fool in sight.