Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cabin Fever

SmallerBean has been struck by a bug. Fluctuating high temperatures, good humour, earache and a sore throat. Interspersed with bad humour, clingyness and 'wobbly eyes'.
One minute she is up to high jinx with SmallBean, the next she is sobbing in a heap on the sofa. I, sorry, she has been suffering for three days.

It is trying my patience. Added to which, the weather can only be described as, well, wet.
Every opportunity to pop out for a breather is suddenly scuppered by more rain.

There is a serious case of cabin fever here.


  1. Oh no, illness and rain is a gruesome combo! Hope both abate soonest.

    Somehow missed your last post - what fabulous photos, and lovely looking holiday. Amazing how they seem like a faraway dream so fast. x

  2. this weather is making outings impossible! When they are well enough get the wellies on and go out anyway!

  3. Aw no hope Smaller bean is better ASAP.
    As for staying in.........with the weather blowing a hoolie currently I wold be more than happy with cabin fever but puppy has to be walked eek!!!!!

  4. I hope SmallerBean is on the mend soon and you are able to get out. I hate the cabin fever thing you get when they are small & ill :(

    We decided yesterday that we were going out regardless - we wrapped up in hats/waterproofs/walking boots and just went to the event we'd planned to. It actually wasn't too bad - hoping to do the same again today - even if its just MrVV & I and a stroll at Aldeburgh.

  5. Oh bless her - we had nasty bugs back in March and it was not a very jolly time at all. I do hope she feels better soon.

    We are completely washed out (again) this weekend so I can appreciate the feeling of cabin fever.

    take care,

    Nina xx

  6. Wobbly eyes? Poor baby. I have to say, Cambridge doesn't look its best in relentless rain. The rain is starting to do my head in (as we used to say at school). I know this is the "green and pleasant land", but come on!

  7. oh dear, it is like that here too. tried to muster the troops to go town to buy medicine and ended up with child in tears "but I'm toooo poorly to go"
    next week will be a good week. I have decided x

  8. I'm so behind with my blog commenting ... I do hope all is well now, and that you're lucky enough to have some sunshine :D