Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A New Chapter


Today, this girl started school. Proper school. She is ready for it (I think we both are), very excited (again, we both are) and will make certain her teacher is in all the right places at all the right times. She will always have the right equipment on the right day and will be a good friend to those children who are not quite so sure about the whole thing. She will make friends and be a happy member of the class.

But what I don't understand is where the last four and a half years have vanished to. Poof. Gone. Like a whirlwind. She can't be starting school because in my head she is still two with soily hands. She is still crawling round the house eating crumbs (and lord knows what else) from the floor. She is still staggering around, lurching form table to sofa to door on her pudgy unsteady feet. She is not answering back or arguing in a mature logical way. She is not riding a bike without stabilisers. She is not making her own toast...

A strange day here.
Now I must go and bake a cake and find Puppy so she has the best welcome home at 3.30.