Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blogblip Patchwork

I've been blog-dodging recently.
Life has got in the way a bit and other things have taken over.
And I have also been wondering what this whole blog malarkey is really all about. There is nothing deep or too analytical going on in my head, just a wonder. Is there any point in typing about something which noone really reads? Or cares about? But I think I have got over my blogblip and I am going to do a Ta-Dah.

Yes. I made something with the sewing machine. I love it. I am veryveryvery pleased with it. And I am feeling quite pleased with myself.

As you know (or not) my sewing skills are of the iffy variety. The sewing machine and I have a turbulent relationship. I don't like following instructions or being told what to do so patterns are a bit of a no no. But doing something off piste is also dodgy as it is Very Likely to Go Wrong.

I made a quilt. Well actually, that is a lie. I made the patchworky front of the quilt. I have no idea how to make it snuggly and backed so it can be put onto SmallerBean's bed. But after speaking (emailing) Driftwood last night I found myself thinking that I could blog about it and get over my blogblip and show off my not-so-enviable needlework.

You'll have to excuse the bad photography, not quite lined up rectangles and dodgy bright light/shadow combo, but whaddya reckon??? Pretty good for a first go, eh?

And then I spied this fellow on my way back into the house. Isn't the sky a fabulous colour? It goes quite well with my new patchwork...