Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blogblip Patchwork

I've been blog-dodging recently.
Life has got in the way a bit and other things have taken over.
And I have also been wondering what this whole blog malarkey is really all about. There is nothing deep or too analytical going on in my head, just a wonder. Is there any point in typing about something which noone really reads? Or cares about? But I think I have got over my blogblip and I am going to do a Ta-Dah.

Yes. I made something with the sewing machine. I love it. I am veryveryvery pleased with it. And I am feeling quite pleased with myself.

As you know (or not) my sewing skills are of the iffy variety. The sewing machine and I have a turbulent relationship. I don't like following instructions or being told what to do so patterns are a bit of a no no. But doing something off piste is also dodgy as it is Very Likely to Go Wrong.

I made a quilt. Well actually, that is a lie. I made the patchworky front of the quilt. I have no idea how to make it snuggly and backed so it can be put onto SmallerBean's bed. But after speaking (emailing) Driftwood last night I found myself thinking that I could blog about it and get over my blogblip and show off my not-so-enviable needlework.

You'll have to excuse the bad photography, not quite lined up rectangles and dodgy bright light/shadow combo, but whaddya reckon??? Pretty good for a first go, eh?

And then I spied this fellow on my way back into the house. Isn't the sky a fabulous colour? It goes quite well with my new patchwork...


  1. I'm reading old bean! I've been photgraphing crochet in the garden this morning and trying to deal with the light/shadow thing too.

    I love your quilt top. I hope your daughter appreciates it (mine never appreciates the things I make for her).

  2. Oh! It's STUNNING! Love the colours ad floral check combo.

    Tea? Tea? Next week for tea?

  3. It's brilliant. I'm in awe! I've been wanting to do some patchwork for aages; started cutting out some squares, got bored and abandoned it (typical me).

    Glad you've got over your blogging blip. I know exactly what you mean; I'm on a bit of a go slow myself, at the mo. Nevertheless, I, for one, like to read people's mutterings and musings and gaze at their fabulous tadaa moments. I don't want anything too "deep" that's for sure!

  4. hurray, you're back.
    and that quilt is truly gorgeous. love love love it! and your moon, love that too x magical

  5. Hey namesake,
    I'm reading but I know exactly what you mean about 'the point?' etc. I go through stages like that also.
    Your quilt top is stunning, love it! Your choice of fabric especially, well done you!
    Just goes to show what you can do if you give things a go.....xx

  6. I wish I could sew, your quilt is gorgeous and will become part of your little one's childhood cosy memories, well done to you!

    I really enjoy reading your musings btw - doesn't have to be anything dramatic and it is a good way to have a record of these busy days as they rush by. We'd miss you if you stopped! Bxx

  7. I'm still reading you too! I like the quilt a lot, mismatched is smashing and large patches are too.

  8. The quilt is lovely, and fantastic to a non sewing person. And I love your blog.
    PS I wrote non sewing person because sewer looked all wrong to me!

  9. I'm reading :) I love your patchwork, sadly that's something I just don't think I have any time or inclination for.
    As for blogging.....I do it for me. It gives me a purpose sometimes and if no one is reading.......well so really does it matter? In 10 years my little blog might be going or it might not, either way it really won't matter. Blogging should br about fun otherwise I don't see any point. do what makes you happy Magic xx

  10. That is fandabidozi! Well done! I think to back it you just add padding fluffy filling (technical term lol) and pin it all over with safety pins and then sew it on, then you add the back fabric? Goodness knows though, I am just guessing but it is fun to play isn't it :-) i haven't used any patterns yet either, I just play and if it works fab, if not hey ho :-) xxx

  11. That is fantastic, better than I could do!! I cheat and use fabric already patchworked!!!
    I love your blog and am so glad you are over your blip, though I do know how you feel, I don't blog as much anymore but I don't think it matters, I want it to be fun.
    keep happy and warm in this chilly weather, look forward to your stories!
    Andrea x

  12. Love it! So what if the squares don't all line up - I think it makes it look handmade and anything too perfect can look as if it's mass made in China! Please do keep blogging.....I have been poor at posting recently but hey we are about to move out of our home and all I can think about is packaging and bubble wrap!

  13. I read you! I also have regular blogblips too, I must admit. It sometimes seems such a futile thing to do.
    Well done with the patchwork - all I manage to so is collect fabric for one, I have never got as far as actually cutting and sewing!