Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Hot on the heels of Halloween is Year 3 Egyptian Day.

After spending half term in Muddy Scotland (with a ton of washing stilll being dealt with) sorting and sourcing Halloween costumes was a bit of a struggle. However, we got there and went out terrorising the neighbours as a Vampire and a Scary Fairy.

Now I find myself in the kitchen with a bowl of flour and water and torn up newspaper making a headdress for Small to wear on Friday.

'Mummy, I think I'll be Thoth.'

'Isn't he an ibis?'


'That will be quite hard to make- he has a long beak doesn't he?'

'Yes. Mummy if that is too tricky, I'll be Anubis.'

Anubis is a jackal.

So I googled Thoth and realised that it could be done with one of those Venetian type masks. Off I trotted to the party shop. None left. Bloody Halloweeners had bought the entire stock.

So it's home made. The balloon covered with papier mache is being urged to dry NOW on the washing line so I can attach a beak, paint it and make a headdress to wear on Friday morning.

Will keep you updated on my state of mind and the costume.

I wish he'd gone as a mummy. But persuading him was futile.

'How would I go to the loo...?'


  1. Presumably he would be well supplied with loo paper -for the bandages?

    I can't tell you how relieved I am to no longer be subjected to school dressing up demands.

  2. oh my. I feel for you. school dress up is the worst. Miss K has never forgiven me since I did her hair up in a plaited crown when she was a greek goddess......

  3. hee hee - fantastic! can't wait to see mini mb dressed in said gear! Photo PLEASE! Kx

  4. So glad that both mine are past the dress up day at school stage.

    Don't know if you have a Poundland near you but they have the plain masks in there.

  5. Hi!

    After reading that I think I have got away lightly with my twos european week dress up on Friday, Gabs is France and Fin is Germany, wey hey for Fins love of footy!! Footy shirts galore in this house, Easy!!
    I am sure you will do a great job, can't wait to see,
    Have a good week,
    Andrea x