Thursday, 17 November 2011

Toot Toot Tootoot

Can you hear that?
Toot toot.
Do you know what it is?
I'll tell you.
It is the sound of me blowing my own trumpet.
I sure am.
I went to a certain Never Knowingly Undersold shop yesterday and looked for an advent calendar. They were all revolting. And I didn't have the time to go anywhere else. (Well actually I did have time but Wednesday is my no kids day and I had a whole day and an empty house to get on with.)
I came back home with this book and flicking through it I saw an advent calendar to colour in each day.

Later on, my mind went back to the book, (which is now squirrelled away in the loft, ready for the week before Christmas) and I thought that I could do a similar sort of calendar. I have card. I have a black pen. I can draw, sort of.

So I made one and I am veryvery pleased with it. Look.

Can you now see why my trumpet has been blowing? I did have a few probs getting twenty four symbols of Christmas that I could actually draw- a satsuma is pushing it a bit, I feel. But as Small reminded me, FC once left him a banana so it could have been worse...

I can hear the arguments already though. Small is not going to want to colour angels. They are both going to want to colour FC. The snowflake is going to be sneered at.

But I am going to block their moans out. If they complain, I will colour it in.


  1. Glorious. I luuuuurve it.

    I would like a grown up one please, complete with pictures of wine and queues in the supermarket and me tearing my hair out ...

  2. Excellent idea old Bean. Shotgun the holly 'cos that's my birthday.

  3. What a fab idea :)

    I must remember to buy sweets for my boys pocket calender - can't do it too early as the 'mice' eat them - too late and all the organised Mummies have bought them!!

  4. brilliant ! and I agree with dottycookie, I'd like one to colour too please, but the adult one in our house would need arguing relatives and getting stuck in traffic or snowdrifts....

  5. That is so fab!!! I have done similar but in a card version. Yours is great and the kids will love it, your smugness is well deserved!
    Andrea x

  6. Toot toot!
    I'm blowing too. Fantastic idea. xx

  7. How very resourceful of you! Look forward to seeing it progress in December.

  8. Fab idea! Glad it is not just my kiddies that argue about anything :-) I saw a lovely advent idea with decorated envelopes pegged up 1 - 25 with ideas of things to do in them or little treats. May have to try that one day.

  9. What a creative interpretation. Well done. As someone who has always loved colouring in, and who is now very good at staying within the lines!, I would be delighted to receive such a calender. Far better for my waistline than one which tempted me with chocolate so early in the day.

  10. well, I am HUGELY impressed! Blow away on that trumpet quite rightly! Since I am only beginning to catch up on blogland after a month away, how is the colouring in going?
    Katie x