Sunday, 20 November 2011

Toot Toot Splutter Cough Cough....

Well it just serves me right.
Blowing my own trumpet was never going to be a good idea.
SmallBean pointed out to me yesterday that there were two number 23's on the advent calendar.
I shouldn't have had that third glass of wine as I was drawing.


  1. Smart alec kids ;) - sure its nothing that a white sticker carefully placed can't solve ;)

  2. I did have a wee guffaw at your post but do you know what your drawing is a million, trillion times better than something I could only dream of doing, besides it all adds to the charm ;)

  3. Doesn't that mean an extra treat?

  4. Never mind - it still looks great! :) x

  5. clearly you were subconsciously considering your wine units as you were creating.....2 glasses drunk and onto number 3.....makes sense to me that there would be two 2 3s! Katie x

  6. Ah but that is what makes your advent calendar unique...

    P.S. Just noticed that you also live in Cambridge...