Thursday, 22 December 2011

Peace on earth and goodwill to all men???

So much for Christmas Spirit.

SmallerBean has just rushed downstairs in search of her Lego folk.

Me: Are you and Small having a lovely game?
Smaller: Yes. One of the baddies is just going to be electrocuted.

Ho ho ho to you too.


  1. We've already had someone tall shouting at two small people to turn the blinking computers off and watch out for the postman.

    I think I need more sleep (though I nearly decked Mr DC when he suggested that might be the cause of my non existent sense of humour).

    Happy blooming Christmas.

  2. .... and no doubt decapitation to follow that. Happy Christmas to you!
    Katie x

  3. ooo, lovely, your very own little lego Guantanimo!!! Nothing like torturing small bits of plastic to get one in the holiday spirit!! Amazing though how kids will always end up playing out goodies/baddies, seems like the good and evil battle scenario is hardwired. and tonight they will look like cherubs as they sleep!;)
    Have a fantastic Christmas at M B HQ, look forward to many more funny stories from you in 2012! hugs, Bx

  4. I had my leg chopped off by a lego ninja earlier, very festive.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. The joys of small people! Have a lovely Christmas without too many massacres.

  6. Ha ha! That sounds about right. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, with no more Lego massacres! :) x

  7. Lucky you, Pup1 pulls their arms and legs and head off!!!!