Monday, 21 February 2011

Willpower. Or lack of it...

A few weeks ago I saw some shaped pearls. I saw them and dismissed them. No, I cannot buy something so contrived. No. Walk away. Good girl, well done.

But then I couldn't get the little blighters out of my head. Shaped pearls? Snowflakes?!? Pah! Corny. Tasteless. Yet...

I looked again and left. However, in the end, the pearls won and I handed over the cash and went away feeling slightly disproving of myself. But at the same time my mind was going into overdrive with the possibilities.

Trying out different combos from the magic bean box, I kept coming back to the same mix- the snowy white looked deeelicious with these tiny faceted garnets.

To me there is something quite Tudor about these jewels. In my head I am seeing bodices and ruffs. And fleas. People are saying 'Forsooth Mistress Blackadder (?), where is the pottage for supper?'

Or perhaps I am just a little deluded what with the mess and paint fumes here.

There are more snowflake and garnet delights but I haven't tried using the card thingy yet to up/download my photos. Lead is still AWOL. Think it took my brain with it.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Since last September our house has been a bit messy and cluttered. ('What's new?' I hear BigBean shout. 'I can't see any difference.') Things out of place, piled up and hard to find. This is because of the lovely new loft conversion which is oh-so-nearly finished. Stuff had to be moved so new stairs could be fitted, rugs are rolled and numerous pictures taken off the walls and balanced precariously in piles in daft places because there wasn't anywhere else to put them at the time.

I am itching to get everything back to normal but it is a slow process. And in this process I have lost something Very Important. My camera-to-computer lead. It's vanished. Gone. Missing. AWOL. So I can't download (upload?) any photos for anything.

I have searched in the usual places- under the stairs, by the not quite so broken other computer, by the fruit bowl, in the in-basket and under the pew. I have searched in the not so usual places- in the fruit bowl, behind cushions, in my jewellery stash and in with the Beans puzzles and games. But no. It is not anywhere.

I have some new necklaces that I want on my website. I am desperately on the verge of getting a Folksy shop going. I want photos printed out for Grandpa's birthday. I want to do a ta-dah about the New Room. But I can't.

I know I can use the card thingy in the camera but this doesn't fill me with confidence. I know that as soon as I buy another lead, the old one will walk down the stairs with a smug look on its face and sneer at me. I know that I am an untidy person and this will not teach me a lesson.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Madness in BeanTowers, well, the garden...

It's February.
Not even late February.
The washing is struggling to stay pegged to the line in the blustery gales.
The temperature says it's 10 degrees (quite mild really)
but the BeanSprouts are in the garden, barefoot and soaking, playing with mud, water and jelly skeletons.

Actually, I think the trousers and pants are coming off. Better go...