Saturday, 5 February 2011

Madness in BeanTowers, well, the garden...

It's February.
Not even late February.
The washing is struggling to stay pegged to the line in the blustery gales.
The temperature says it's 10 degrees (quite mild really)
but the BeanSprouts are in the garden, barefoot and soaking, playing with mud, water and jelly skeletons.

Actually, I think the trousers and pants are coming off. Better go...


  1. They sound like happy little Beansprouts! Blowing a gale here too.

  2. lol mine are still out there now and eldest sweetpea popped in for candles and he wants a lantern :-) isn't it lovely for them to be outside again with all that fresh air.

  3. Did you manage to catch them in time??? Lucy x

  4. They sound like happy little Beansprouts :)

    Been a blustery day here too but the washing stayed on the line and got dry :)

  5. That's quite funny, they sound like they're happy! What are jelly skeletons though?! :) x

  6. That is just fab, Know what you mean, Fin and Gabs are so glad to be outside and larking around!! Mind you Fin will go out and play footie come rain, snow and howling gales!!!
    Happy days,
    Andrea x

  7. Eee, parky! But what is a jelly skeleton?