Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hunting, well scavenging...

I have decided to join in with The Scavenger Hunt, here on Postcards from the PP's blog. Each month there is a list, pretty random (I love random), of things to search for and photograph.

I thought it might be quite a tricky task but just going round the house this afternoon I have managed to work through a fair bit of the list. Want to see?

My front door
bubbles (is it cheating to use my screen saver thingy?)

a reflective surface, not a mirror

stained glass

and something out of place. Not only the Christmas stamp but a photo which is stubbornly not staying rotated...

Tomorrow I'll take my camera on the school run and get nature, playground equipment and the library snapped. No tombstones over one hundred years old on our way to school or any goldfish that I am aware of but they shall be hunted and scavenged soon.


  1. I said I would join in with this about two weeks ago but I am being so fussy about my photos that I still only have 4! I'm hoping for some reasonably weather tomorrow to take a few more but it could well be a rush this weekend to finish my list!

    I really can't decide on 'nature' - I have so many photos I could use, but it's such a wide category, I can't decide on one single photo!

    By the way, I will be posting about the lovely earrings one day soon and thinking about my part of the PIF... I've delayed photpgraphing them, waiting for nice light to show the earrings at their best, but it's just not happening!


  2. ha good luck with the goldfish ! I can't find any near here! love love love your stained glass!

  3. Sounds like a good challenge! This blogging lark is really making me want to do a photography course....

  4. A great challenge, I love your front door and the stained glass! :) x

  5. Glad you joined the Hunt..love the imagesxxlynda

  6. Lovely to see another 'Scavenger' - I don't really think it matters if you miss a few pictures and I have to confess that over half of mine were taken in the last week of January!

  7. How lovely is your front door!?

  8. Hello, sounds like an interesting challenge. I am new to your blog and I love your jewellery. I was particularly taken with the doves.
    How clever is your two year old, wow, it is great that he already has an interest in history. Eliska has not had chicken pox yet. Blesshim with all his little bumps. I hope he is fine now.
    I live in the Czech Republic and love making things, nature, tea drinking, stuff like that.