Monday, 21 February 2011

Willpower. Or lack of it...

A few weeks ago I saw some shaped pearls. I saw them and dismissed them. No, I cannot buy something so contrived. No. Walk away. Good girl, well done.

But then I couldn't get the little blighters out of my head. Shaped pearls? Snowflakes?!? Pah! Corny. Tasteless. Yet...

I looked again and left. However, in the end, the pearls won and I handed over the cash and went away feeling slightly disproving of myself. But at the same time my mind was going into overdrive with the possibilities.

Trying out different combos from the magic bean box, I kept coming back to the same mix- the snowy white looked deeelicious with these tiny faceted garnets.

To me there is something quite Tudor about these jewels. In my head I am seeing bodices and ruffs. And fleas. People are saying 'Forsooth Mistress Blackadder (?), where is the pottage for supper?'

Or perhaps I am just a little deluded what with the mess and paint fumes here.

There are more snowflake and garnet delights but I haven't tried using the card thingy yet to up/download my photos. Lead is still AWOL. Think it took my brain with it.


  1. Pearl and garnet are probably my favourite combination ever. I seem to have made a heck of a lot of pearl & garnet earrings and necklaces in my time, anyway!

    Cute shapes :-)

  2. Aye, Mistress Magic Beaneth, I see what you meaneth (that's Tudor speak in my world btw). xx

  3. oohh the are so shimmery and they look fab with the dark garnet. They would look perfect with my croset style dress that I so want but still haven't had the guts to buy lol :-)

  4. it is half term my dear, of course your brain is awol. mine is hiding in the cupboard under the stairs behind the ironing board.......

    pretty pretty btw!

  5. Oh yes I can see one of those dangling from the ear of Joseph Fiennes.

    How do they make them?

  6. I think your lack of willpower was a very good thing - they look very pretty!

  7. Ooh Joseph Fiennes.

    Very Tudor-ish Mrs Bean. Love them.

    Seriously, how rubbish am I? I've been in a doldrum of viruses and other gloomy nonsense. Will we ever meet again? I hope so xxxx

  8. Yes I know exactly what you mean, the shape is like a motif you see in the Tudor buildings in Chester. Gorgeous what you've done with them.

  9. They are beautiful and I love the colour combination. N xx

  10. I go through that very same thought process when I buy things - walking away and then having to go back! Well done Mistress Blackadder for going back to get them!

  11. I always think if something 'speaks' to me it means I must get it or I'll regret it later! The pearls are a lovely shape, definitely a Tudor feel, and I love the combination of colours you've used - beautiful. Helen x

  12. Hi There!
    You were so right to buy them! look what you created! they are Tudorish but lovely!!!
    Have a great week
    Andrea x

  13. hi i have just found you, but i must say i love your tudor looking necklace, there is just something so special about this era
    helen x