Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Down the road there is a house (some people on our street call it Boo Radley's House) with a very big and exceedingly overgrown garden.

Biking back from pre-school, Smaller and I saw that the cherry tree in the front garden Boo's House was being dramatically pruned and there were loads of smalll branches lying on the pavement with hundreds of blossom buds about to burst open.

Me (to bemused tree surgeon chopper man): 'Are those branches being binned? Please could I take one if they are as the buds are just about to open?'
Bemused tree surgeon chopper man (wildly looking round for Beadle style camera and presenter): 'Er, yes. Do you want me to chop them up a bit?'

Me: 'No, they're fine like that. Thank you.' And off we go with branch precariously balanced on bike basket.

And here they are.


And making my sitting room look much better than an hour before.


  1. What a bizarre time to choose to prune a flowering tree. My flowering cherry is suddenly full of buds. I'm sure it will flower early this year. Usually we have to wait until April but I think the fact that we have had no snow this January and February has benefitted the blossoming trees.

  2. Fantastic - pretty stuff for free!

    I am about to go and do some pruning in my garden - but sadly I don't think the dead honeysuckle and jasmine twigs will be quite so attractive ...

  3. And lovely they are too! I also love confusing people with randomness :-)

  4. gorgeous, although actually your living room looks as if it was already lovely xxxx

  5. Lucky lucky! They look so beautiful at your gaff.

  6. Very pretty! I love that you confused the poor tree surgeon! :) x

  7. Lovely! I went and asked some confused tree surgeon if I could take the small branches for pea sticks. love free stuff! Jacs x

  8. Lovely branches - what a shame to chop them off when they're just beginning to flower. Your rescued ones look beautiful there!
    Helen x

  9. Now thats what I call salvage - your blog ought to be called Lucky Bean as you were certainly lucky to stumble upon those delicious blossoms!

    By the way, I loved your list of Comforting Things that you left on my blog today, bless you - it made me feel all cosy just reading it!

    Sending love
    Julia x

  10. Hi there!
    How lovely are they!!! and how lucky are you? they look delightful in your room. When the buds are totally out they will be fab.
    Hope it is a lovely Sunday for you and have a gorgeous day.
    Andrea x

  11. what a fab idea with the blossom, why let it go to waste, and looks fab
    x helen