Wednesday, 30 March 2011

March Scavenger Hunt

Here is the March Scavenge. I've finished it! First time this year that I've actually completed something on the computer within the time limit! Thank you postcards from the pp for an imaginative list. It has been great fun trying to get it finished. An empty chair. This is our cosy kitchen chair and usually Puppy sits here waiting for Smaller to return from pre-school or the school run.
A ring. Us girl Beans like our cheap and tacky rings. I think I need a bit of hand cream...
A lion.
And a lamb. This is also the something which is the same age as me. Is this cheating? Peeling paint. A bit tricky to see. I have only just painted the hall ceiling, so to see the paint flaking is quite demoralising. Not enough for me to sort it out though...
Fancy gates. The gates themselves are a bit dull but the railings on either side are magnificent. SmallerBean and I bike past these every day and she loves the wolf and cockerel picked out in paint on each side. They are one of the set of gates into Jesus College.
Something green. Some of our ever increasing euphorbia.
A rainbow. At a certain time of day when the sun shines onto a mirrored photo frame in the sitting room, magical rainbows appear in the hall. Amazingly, the planets lined up this month for the scavenge.

A collection. This is a printers tray which has all our found treasure in it. A dried poppy head, old coins from the garden, stones and shells, a china dolls head, a couple of really old cigarette packets from under the floorboards, a piece of the Berlin Wall to name a few. SmallBean now has his own tray for the treasures he finds.

Something sentimental. SmallBeans first pair of proper shoes. Bad photo as you can't quite tell just how diddy they are. They measure 13cm long.

So there we go. March. Gone. One quarter of the year has vanished in what seems like four and a half weeks. Looking foward to the April hunt. Hope it will be filled with eggs, chocolate and bunnies.


  1. oooh great hunting. I think puppy is very lucky to have such a lovely place to wait for the beans in.

  2. Fantastic pictures and I am hugely coveting your printers tray. I've been looking for something flattish to hang up and display a collection of glass animals - don't laugh, my MIL left them to the children and they love them. I only wince slightly when I see them.

    I bet they have them at Burwash - do you know of a more reasonable local source? I'm thinking Mill Rd ... And this is where you tell me it's a family heirloom that was handcarved by your great grandfather.

  3. Oh what fun, love the pictures. The chair looks so comfy and love the cheap and tacky ring - they're the best sort of rings if you ask me!

  4. I think it is cheating to use the same picture for two different items, but I won't tell, hehe!!

    This list has been a bit more of a challenge, I'm ready for a new list now! I'm all done, I will post mine later today or tomorrow. I've set up a tab on my blog, a page called 'photo scavenger hunt', where I've been adding links to blogs taking part in this, as I thought it would be good to have a list in once place to easily find other participants! I'll add a link to you there, hope that's ok.

    I love your collection - what a fabulous way to display found treasures!

  5. Lovely pics - I do like your printers tray. I could easily fill one of those!
    My photos are all taken, I just need to find time to post.

  6. Such adorable shoes! I want to join in with this. (I'd have been spoilt for choice with the peeling paint!)

  7. I love that variety of euphorbia, I've loads in my garden, and you are so right about the spread. I have always wanted a printer's tray, yours is lovely. I love the rainbow of light too. A great selection of photos from you. x

  8. The printers tray displaying your collection of treasure is lovely. Really like your ring too and I think it looks vintagey, not tacky at all.