Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Fifth Bean

I've been so so rude. I have neglected to introduce you to a VERY important member of our family. Really, he should have been posted about before Vampire Dog made an appearance. I hope he will forgive me. I hope she will forgive me. (We're never quite sure what the gender will be from day to day.) He (let's just call him a boy today for the sake of argument) arrived when SmallerBean was about six months old. He was a complete hit from the that day and he goes everywhere with her.May I introduce you to Puppy?

SmallerBean looks undressed if she is without Puppy. Sometimes Puppy has clothes, sometimes not. He has a birthday about three times a week. He goes on lots of holidays (in the sitting room), he eats lots of (plastic) food and his favourite food is flies(?). Puppy and SmallerBean are a great team. I love the way she uses Puppy as a vehicle for what she wants. 'Mummy, Puppy wants a biscuit.' 'Puppy likes painting.' 'Puppy doesn't like tidying up.'

Puppy has to go everywhere with us. It is likely that just as we are leaving the house, SmallerBean says 'Where's Puppy?'
I have lost count of the minutes I spend looking round the house before we go out, trying to find Puppy. It is exasperating. Usually, Puppy is in a cupboard, or under the bed, or behind a cushion. If Puppy ever got REALLY lost I can't imagine what would happen to The Beans.

The situation is so critical that we bought a second Puppy. We have to swap the two puppies (known as Clean Puppy and Dirty Puppy) quite frequently so if the disaster of Puppy being lost actually happened, we would have one of a similar worn-outness and smell. (But I won't dwell on that...) My paranoia about losing a puppy got SO bad that I bought some name tags with no name but our phone number on them. Just In Case.

I'm sure you'll catch up with him again soon. It could be a new bloggy competition- Spot Puppy for a prize. Mmm. I'll think about that.


  1. Oh this is sweet. We have a similar thing in house with blankie, if blankie ever got lost we would all have to go into mourning for a year! (btw. blankie now belongs to a 10 year old boy and he still won't part with it).
    Kandi x

  2. We had Bunny - he lives with little son (now almost 13). He doesn't leave the house anymore but does still spend every home night in his bed being cuddled.

  3. Awww that's quite funny! She must be quite clever if she knows to try and use puppy as a way of getting out of cleaning or getting something she wants!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog and becoming a follower, I now have the answer to the button question. Much easier than I thought, if you check the comments to the post it should make sense! :) x

  4. aahh I can see why puppy is so well loved.

  5. My son used to go everywhere with Bob the Builder firmly tucked under his arm. He's fortunately out grown that now - well he is 12!

  6. so clever to have 2 puppies just in case. I bought a replacement tabby after tabby had a bath in the washing machine and never looked the same again... but the new tabby was firmly rejected.......
    nice to meet you puppy, you look very friendly and I think tabby would like you x

  7. Thank you for popping over to my blog especially since I've now found yours.
    We have an incredibly filthy 'Lambie' who fortunately has never yet been lost although I must have spent countless hours searching the house for him as he regularly goes missing. They should make tracking devices that you can stitch into 'special softies' it would avoid so much angst!

  8. Name tag is a fab idea why haven't I thought of that we have rabbie,and my youngest Angel was given it by a friend who had sorted her daughters old toys out.I have tried to see if Tesco still do rabbie,but sadly they don't!Oh my gosh we lost her and I honestly felt sick.Sheer panic sets in "where's rabbie"Bless them!Beckyx