Wednesday, 4 August 2010

We've been busy. Very busy.

Want to see some of the things we've been up to?

This was a BIG success. Great fun to do and they have a big impact on the kitchen wall. I keep waiting for one of them to fall off in the middle of tea and scare SmallBean half to death...

SmallBean got these Shrinkles for his birthday and they caused great hilarity as the Beans watched them magically do their thing in the oven. I think we used to have these but they were called Shrinkidinks. I also remember putting crisp packets (no crisps of course, they were long scoffed) into the oven to shrink. Must try that again sometime.

A trip to Byron's Pool for a walk and a barbie (q). Seven children aged ten down to two and a labradoodle building a den and playing together for hours was just amazing. We caught tiddlers (and threw them back), spotted huge dragonflies, ate hotdogs and explored the woods. They were not impressed when we called it a day and we had to head home.

Mmmm. That'll keep the baddies out...

A wonderful day at the north Norfolk coast at a friends beach hut. (Just been looking for photos and realised there are none as my camera battery died soon after we got there. But take it from me, the pink and blue beach hut is SCRUMPTIOUS and the sun shone and shone all day. Even the North Sea was warm and inviting.)

The Beansprouts have both spent lots of time dressed up as alter egos. At the moment Ancient Rome is Smalls favourite, so it's togas-a-go-go.

A farewell party for FrenchBean with three families from the street. Another very mixed children age gap group who chatted and danced and ate and played tremendously until very late. And we had a delicious barbie and lots of delicious drinks.

A visit to Milton Country Park where we spied this happy happy sunflower. We had to find a shelter to eat our picnic out of the torrential rain. But I always think that soggy cheese and pickle tastes better, don't you?

And in those very few and far between minutes where we have not been doing things together I have been looking and choosing, threading and twisting and snipping to make new pieces of jewellery. Not sure that this is the most effective way of photoing the magic beans though. I really have a makey urge at the moment and not having enough time is frustrating. Maybe the beanbox will have to come on holiday with me?


  1. Wow what a fab time you have all been having. I must go to that Milton part, heard fab things about it.

    Those makes looks great too, I know what you mean, can't remember the last time I did something craft wise for me :-(

  2. Love all of your photos, the children are precious! I am excited about your lifesize outlines that you put on the wall. I am calling my daughter right after this to tell her about it....I have a 'Choose Your Cookbook' giveaway going on and would love for you to enter, come by and see if you have time.

  3. You're all clearly having a lovely time.

    Shrinkles -I remember my daughter having some ballerina ones a few years ago and my husband saying that watching them shrivel up reminded him of what happens to a chap's bits when they goes swimming in the English sea in August.

  4. My, you've been so busy! I'm loving those angel wings!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog, they mean alot to me. xx