Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Waiting for the right equipment

I have an idea going on in my head for some slightly different jewellery using some new beans. But until I buy myself a tiny drill bit, that magic beanery won't be happening. I am though, VERY excited about it and cannot quite contain myself so I have had to get the makey makey urge out of my system by doing more conventional jewels.

A little mother-of-pearl and garnet bracelet.
A mixed stone bracelet.

Little turquoise birdy hoop earrings. (Excuse the empty but used wine glass.)
A lilac, mauve and purple garland necklace. A flowery garland made with many different stones, most of which I don't recognise. But I do quite like the slightly odd mixture of colours. A bit 1975 I feel...
...and an amazonite bracelet which is the nearest I can get to the idea which is whizzing through my head.

With any luck, the new bit will arrive very soon and then I can experiment and create and get the annoying buzz out of my head and around my neck. I wonder if any of you know what I am planning?


  1. oh so pretty, and all in the summer hols too - very impressive. I hate waiting for things, I want them to arrive the minute I have even thought of ordering them x

  2. Nice work. My favorite is the Amazonite bracelet, very classy!

  3. I like them all but really like the mother-of-pearl and garnet bracelet the best xx

  4. Look forward to seeing your new idea. What pretty jewellery you have made - where do you find those lovely beads?

  5. OOh I had to stop in and compliment you on your beautiful jewellery...I think I like the flowery garland one best, although its hard to choose a favourite as they are all really very pretty!

    Much love
    Julia x x x