Thursday, 22 July 2010

Oh la la!

Had you noticed that through the end of term craziness and now through the school holibobs (YIPPEE!!!!) I have managed to blog on a frequent basis? Shall I tell you how and why? Can you guess?

No, it is not because my Beansprouts just go off and play magically together from sun-up to sun-down (although I am very lucky that they do occasionally have a right old laugh together), or that I am so so organised that I have activities spread out all over the house for them to choose and do from dawn til dusk. No. I will let you into my little secret. For the last two months we have had an au pair share. And the most exciting thing is that she is from Paris. So my friends, living here, well, next-door-but-one, is.... FrenchBean!!! Oh how I have longed to type that!
(photo borrowed from here)

She helps to look after my Beans and GodsonBean and his bro and sis. She is amazing. Her energy levels are ten squillion times bigger than mine. She actually wants to play schools and babies and lego and playmobil and puzzles and doctors and go to the park and football and playdough all the time. All the Smalls love her. She takes herself off to concerts and cafes and colleges and Open Studios and bikes around doing all sorts of Cambridge Things. She knows more about my city than I do. She is gorgeous. And fun and well read and interesting and happy. But we only have a week left with her. She is back off to Paris to see her family for their holiday in Brittany and see her boyfriend and then return to college so she can carry on doing her drama course. We will miss her terribly but for the moment we will carry on eating crepes and dauphinoise potatoes and speak our franglais and make the most of her time left.


  1. oh what a joy to have a helper bean xoxo

  2. I'm sure you're enjoying your last few days - lucky you to have your very own FrenchBean!

  3. I'm envious - she sounds fantastic. Lucky you.

  4. Lucky,lucky you. How i would have loved soe help like that when my children were smaller. Sadly my village does not offer much in the way of culture though!

  5. oohh where do you live, we could all bring our children along to enjoy time with her :-) i bet the kiddies will really miss her - enjoy your last week with her.