Monday, 12 July 2010

New Decade

Well, from now on you'll read my posts and think 'Mmmm. What a mature and lucid person that MagicBean is.'. Do you know why??? Because yesterday I had a birthday and now I am forty! Yes folks, I am in a new decade and so far loving every minute of it. (Mostly, I imagine, because I haven't stopped drinking delicious drinks since Saturday lunchtime.) Dinner with family and friends, Beany picnic and neighbourly birthday cake tea have all happened over the weekend and I have had GREAT FUN.

Do you want to see a couple of my generous presents???

A gorgeous little jug from SmallerBean's godfather. It has the name Sue Binns stamped on the side and I'm off to do a little investigating later...
Some fab flip-flops from Martin and Vanessa who makes lots of scrummy things here. As you can see, I won't be lending them to anyone and I'll know if anyone 'borrows' them. Read well SmallerBean...
I almost cried when I opened the door to this bunch. Isn't it spectacular? It is from my gorgeous neighbours and put together by the oh so talented Lucy who lives down the road. She has chosen so so well and I wish you could smell them.

GodsonBean's big sister made this for me- and I wish you could smell this too. It is a large lavender bag with a lovely message on it and when Ihave finished admiring it, it will go into the wardrobe. BigBean loves his clothes to smell of lavender don't you know!

And here is what has been going down in quite large quantities by yours truly. I have been thoroughly spoilt. Thank you everyone who has helped me to celebrate. If you are not yet forty, you have a real treat coming your way.
See? Mature. Eloquent. Grown up. Yeah right.


  1. Happy birthday Alison! Love that little jug.

  2. Happy Birthday! Love all of your wonderful gifts, especially the personalized flip flops.

  3. Happy 40th!! I love your flip flops, and the flowers are just divine!
    Kandi x

  4. Happy 40th!!
    All of your pressies are gorgeous!!
    Kerry xxxx

  5. happy happy birthday, it's fun this 40 lark isn't it xxx

  6. Happy Birthday :)

    Being 40 isn't so bad -the pressie & party part was brilliant!!

  7. I hope you had a wonderful time. I was thinking of you at the weekend. It sounds as though you had two days of pure loveliness. E xxx

  8. Belated Happy 40th!

    40 is fine; it's when you get to 42 you need to watch out ;-)

  9. wow happy birthday! What a mature post that was :-) Don't go changing on us :-)

  10. Happy Birthday! Your newfound maturity really showed in that post :-)

  11. Aren't you lucky! I was 40 in December. It does not seem to be that bad at all.