Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Mrs Pebble, over on this blog, did a lovely post on the shadows in her home. She invited everyone to have a look at the chiaroscuro/light-dark in their own homes. I was very keen to join in and play, especially as the sun has been shining this week...
While I was looking for shadows I found lovely patterns made by the glass in our front door.

Our sitting room is south facing and gets A Lot of sun. Did you know that cream (curtains) can fade?

The light has really changed in our house today as we have had scaffolding put up for our loft conversion. People have said how they dislike having the scaffolding as it makes the houses so dark but I am really enjoying the difference it makes. Maybe when the days start to get shorter and the sun stops shining I will be desperate for it all to be dismantled but for now I am liking the new light and patterns.

Look at the shadows the poles make on the ceiling

and on the bathroom wall.
Although the photos are not really very good at all, Mrs P's post has made me look at our sunny house in quite a new way today. Thanks Silverpebble.
If the sun keeps shining I may have another go at snapping away. Or I might just lie on the floor with SmallerBean and watch the shadows move and change.


  1. Very artistic shots, I like the stained glass in the window. Shadows can be quite interesting to watch, I might see if I can find any interesting shadow patterns around here! :) x

  2. Oh you're very welcome! Look at these beautiful images. I envy your door lights. I really really do.

    Hark at you with your Italian! You've taught me sommat today you have! Thanks to you!

  3. Ooo! I didn't think about reflected sparkles. Am off to hunt back through my pics b/c I know I took some last week.

  4. Interesting and very atmospheric photos. Lurve the coloured glass on your front door.