Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Things took a sudden turn (or two) here today in a mixy uppie kinda way.

The first thing that happened was that part of Smaller's ceiling fell down. It did have a little bit of help from our lovely builders (not being sarcastic, they are lovely) who are making a Brand New Room for us in the loft. Doing some joist/floor/suchlike work they pressed/hammered/ jumped(?) a bit too hard and a very large piece came smattering down. And with it came rather a lot of soot. And plaster dust. So Smaller's room and most of our house has an autumn coat of fine black greasy dust. It's in her toys, clothes and bed. So tonight she sleeps in Smalls room and they did not get to sleep until L.A.T.E. If I remember, I'll photo the hole for you. Funnily enough it didn't occur to me to do it earlier...

While all these shenanigans were going on a very nice head teacher lady phoned me and asked if I could work in her nursery for a week or two or more as her teacher was off sick for a while.

I said yes, but now the very thought of working full time, even for just three weeks, sorting out my Beansprouts and trying to banish the bad blackness from the house is giving me panic attacks. (Note the time, I'm usually snoring by now.) Forgive me, all you working mummas who do this every day, but I am out of the loop and my head is bursting with the spaghetti tangles of who is going to drop off, pick up, take, collect and remember my precious Sprouts. I haven't done going out to work since I was pregnant with Smaller and then I only had one Bean to sort out. I am worrying so very very much that I won't be in the right place at the right time. Quite a lot of worrying going on in fact.

So. I may be a bit absent for a while. Back soon.


  1. We had our loft converted a year or so ago - thrilled with the result but the mess was unbelievable. I naively thought it would be confined to the loft area but we had flakes of ceiling coming down in the lounge!
    I worked full-time for a spell and it was so tough. But if I hadn't done it I would have regretted not taking up the opportunity and it did make me appreciate my home life so much more once I finished!
    Good luck and hope it all goes well.

  2. Mrs Bean, you know what they say 'keep calm and carry on', or is it 'now panic and freak out' -can't remember :o)

  3. oohh I do hope everything works out well, it is a challenge like you say to keep on top of things without full time but but with that in the mix too it will be challenging. Military operation comes to mind - I am sure you can do it :-)

  4. Hi,
    All will end well for you, but don't blame you for the panic1, my two are 6 and 9 and I decided to go to work full time a little while ago after being part time a while, it took some getting used to! but good organizing and you are all set!
    Enjoy it!

  5. Hope the ceiling gets sorted soon and good luck going out to work. I'm sure it will all go well! :) x

  6. You will cope I'm sure...not sure I would! Good luck, my lovely!

  7. Hi!
    Hope the work is going well! I have had a tough week!! read blog later if you have time!

    Fin did blow the candles out all at once, heaven knows what he wished for!
    Hope the ceiling is getting sorted and things looking brighter!
    Andrea x

  8. Oh goodness me! It sounds like you have your hands full!! I hope you can make a bit of time for yourself during all this commotion and your is like that though isn't it, there we are gently bobbing about and then suddenley BAM!! Everything up in the air!!

    Sending you love, thanks for visiting my blog today - ps; did I mention I can do Toasty Mitts to order?! :D

    Julia x

  9. Ooh, sounds chaotic, but I'm sure everything will work out in the end. Chins up old girl. xx