Saturday, 25 September 2010

Second chances

work- ok, just about finding my feet
childcare- better than I dared to hope but stressier than I'd like
state of the house- terrible
SmallerBean's ceiling- very draughty but patched with a bit of plywood

This post has been waiting in the wings for A While so I thought I'd get it out as the rest of the Beans are exploring Thetford Forest.

A few weeks ago, on this post, I talked about a new little idea involving sea glass. My little stash in the bathroom was doomed for the drill and a new lease of life, hanging around someone's neck. I carefully chose pieces which were a good colour, shape and with just the right weatheredness to them. The drill bits arrived and BigBean and I tottered down to the shed (his domain) where we discussed the best way to drill the loveliness. He had previously persuaded me that this was a job which needed his help. And boy, was he right.

Sea glass is a complete bugger to drill and it took about twenty minutes to get a hole through the trial piece.

Big had had enough by this stage (DIY is second nature to him but faffing around with skinny drill bits and pieces of 'rubbish' from the beach with me sqeaking 'Don't spoil this piece, it's gorgeous' and 'Can we make the hole a bit more...CAREFUL!!!... towards the top' are not home improvements to him.)

Anyway. We (he) drilled a second piece and I skipped back up to the house with it and started getting out the magic beans. Later on (I can't make beany things with Smaller around, she does BAD things with her grabby hands) I put together some beans and the glass and snipped and twisted and arranged to make (are you ready?).............

THIS!!!!Can you even spot the solitary shard of treasure?

I wonder what this little piece of glass was before it sat in the middle of this necklace? A milk bottle? Vodka bottle? Part of a jar with tasty strawberry jam inside? And I also wonder where it came from? The beach I found it on is on the Solway Firth, just near Southerness. We call it the Shell Beach as the whole place is just white white white with cockle shells, but if you look closely there is quite a bit of sea glass to be found too. Maybe it only travelled a short way. But perhaps it came from hundreds of miles away and has been tossed and turned and sand-blasted for many years.

And then I was in the bean zone.

But the drilling Had Stopped so I had to be content with going back to Plan A and making things with the stash which didn't require new holes.

A pink mixed stone garland,
and a grey and mauvey pearly linked necklace with a flat silver disc

and mauvey garland with a lovely faceted aventurine heart.

But I'll have to wait for BigBean to unlock the shed before I give some more sea glass a second chance of happiness.


  1. What an inspired and beautiful idea. You and big bean have magic fingers. Sea glass is so lovely - funny to think it may once have been the leavings of some drunken lout.

  2. They are all the lovely but the first one in sea-green colours is gorgeous. It looks like a mermaid's necklace.

  3. so glad that the work is going ok, and that there is a little progress on the hole in the ceiling. the sea glass is lovely, I adore collecting it, I've only ever seen it in jewellry wrapped in wire, - maybe your discovery that it's so hard to drill is the reason why xoxox

  4. Glad you have got a routine going and still managed to make some gorgeous beaded things.

  5. How very lovely it all is! I'm glad work is going OK - and the housework can wait :-)

  6. Love the necklaces! I've had such trouble drilling sea glass too. I had some good advice from Sue at Crafts @ Home about drilling the glass under water (apparently it should be kept wet to keep the drill cool) and use a diamond drill bit. It can be good to put a bit of blue tak underneath to keep it in place as well. Hope you get some more bits drilled soon!! :) x

  7. The sea glass looks lovely, a truly lovely necklace, I love you aventurine heart! I am a real sucker for hearts!!
    I think the sea glass might have been a lovely old bottle with a message inside it and now your necklace holds a secret! I am an old romantic really!!!
    Lovely, just lovely
    Enjoy the weekend
    Andrea x

  8. So pretty! I have a vast collection of sea glass too - mine lives mainly in vintage bottles in my bathroom but I love the idea of making it into jewellery.

  9. Blimey you've been busy. Love the sea glass necklace most of all. Mr J and P had a collection of sea glass once - before I got rid of them (oops). I know, I'm very bad.

  10. That is so beautiful and living by the sea I can say that the colours are just perfect.

    Just thought I would pop by and say 'Hi' in return - it's so lovely to meet fellow bloggers.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

    ps. I have bags of sea glass if you ever fancy some from the Kentish coast - and shells! N x

  11. Lovely lovely lovely - I take it that necklace sold - I can't spy it in your shop! I went over to Clare yesterday and saw some of your treasures in Blue Dog. I like Clare, I do.

  12. I didn't know anything about sea glass so I went and read about it. You do marvellous stuff with it. Thank you for sharing.

  13. My word, with all that going on and you still manage to create those beautiful necklaces!! I love seaglass, its got such a wistful mystery about it hasn't it, wondering where it came from before it turned up on a beach on some foamy tide...
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics!

    Love Julia x x x