Saturday, 9 October 2010

Overheard on the landing...

SmallBean to SmallerBean.

'If you want to come into my bedroom you have to do a burp or a fart.'

I didn't linger to hear her answer. Some things are best left...


  1. I love the special passwords used by children.

  2. Love it, I think you made the best decision in the circumstances lol.

  3. yes, sometimes best to turn a deaf ear I find. Love your sea glass. I have a jar full but have not dared drill it. You have inspired me to have a go but I will definitely make sure there are no small grabby hands around when I do!

  4. thats very funny ;0) i remember my brothers being like that to me...sometimes id sneak in their rooms without asking- i was in trouble!!
    kids hey?!...lovely blog x

  5. Ha ha - love it! Just the sort of thing to be overheard in our house! The eldest has learned the word 'shart' (though thankfully he's far too polite to use it outside our four walls!)
    Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine - always make me smile xx