Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fun and games

A wee while ago I had some cyber dialogue with driftwood and talk veered a little to the games the Smalls play here at BeanTowers. It made me think. These are the sort of games I remember playing with my sister when we were little and I really like the way that these sorts of things kind of go down in family history.

One game I remember playing with my sis I will not be explaining to the Beansprouts. It involved turning out the bathroom lights while we were having a bath and chucking wet flannels at each other. Inevitably the whole bathroom got drenched. But I don't ever remember being told off for doing this game. Either OldBean was blissfully unaware (g and t time?) or she didn't care. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the Beansprouts games with you, giving them ratings out of five for danger, irritation to adult (ie me), hilarity, mess and duration. I tried finding suitable photos but mostly failed and of course since I started thinking about this post they have not played any of the games. Or the camera has been awol or out of juice. So apologies for a rather wordy read.

1. Dizzy Dogs

Spinning on the spot until you fall over.
Danger **** (particularly if the dishwasher door is open)
Irritation *** (when they are in the kitchen)
Hilarity ***
Mess * (unless a headcrackedopenonthedishwasher incident has occurred)

2. Under The Covers

This is an early morning game which happens in Smaller's room as she is Not Allowed into Small's room. The BeanSprouts get into bed with every single soft toy they can find and anytime they hear anyone coming they shout 'Somebody's coming' and dive under the covers screaning and having a fit of the giggles. This game usually ends up with both Beans being naked. I don't ask.
Danger *** (often a head can be kicked in by a flailing foot)
Irritation * (unless I am woken up by crying before 7am)
Hilarity *****
Mess **** (clearing the toys away is a real pain at bedtime if you have forgotten this game has been played)

3. The Dog Game

Spread all the cushions on the sitting room floor. Tie a dressing gown belt around your brother's neck. Make him sit, bark, fetch an old baby rattle which doubles up as a bone and generally boss him about.
Danger ** (she's not so good at tying knots)
Irritation *
Hilarity ***
Mess **** (the cushions everywhere annoy me intensely)

4. The Horsey Game

This is mostly played when they are bored of the Dog Game. Smaller suggests that she has a ride on Small as he is crawling round being a dog.
Danger **** (Small gets annoyed that he can't be the rider and stands up)
Irritation ** (unless there is an injury)
Hilarity ***
Mess *

5. Deadly 60 in the garden

When I feel that the Sprouts Need Some Air, they get thrown out into the garden, often with much protest. However, this is usually one of the longest duration games they play together. The washing line is used to 'abseil' down the mulberry tree. The odd little playhouse is painted with water. Smaller talks the the green man at the end of the garden. Battles are fought with bows and swords.
Danger ***** I do keep an eye on them when the washing line is involved
Hilarity ****

6. Hairdressers

This is a bath game. Nail brushes, toothbrushes (?) and flannels are used to do new do's on each other.
Danger * (unless you count scatches made by the nailbrush)
Irritation *
Hilarity *****
Mess *** (the water tends to leave the bath...)

7. Dens
Get all the pillows, blankets, duvets, cushions and rugs you can find and pile them up in a corner with all the softies available and hide. When your ma helps with some sheetage, all for the better.
Danger *
Irritation *** (this game mostly ends with the Sprouts falling out about how the game is played)
Hilarity ***
Mess ***** (have you ever known a 3 or 6 year old tidy up bedding????)

8. The Hammock Game

As with Under The Covers except played in the hammock in the garden.
Danger****(Smaller has a tendency to fall out)
Irritation*(unless softies are strewn about the garden and then it starts raining) Hilarity****

9. Jelly Jelly Warp Warp

A very new game involving sitting on a parent when they have just woken up and chanting 'Jelly jelly warp warp' until the parent (me) loses it and chucks them out of the bedroom.
Danger* to***** depending on my mood...
Irritation as above Hilarity depends who is asking...

10.The Chasing Game

Running round in small circles trying to tag each other. This is ALWAYS played in the kitchen as I am trying to cook something or strain boiling pans.
Danger****(hot water and small bodies do not mix well)
Mess*(we haven't had a trip to A&E yet)

So there we are. The BeanSprouts TopTen of games involving only each others company and the odd prop. I am very lucky that the Smalls play very well together. Lots of the time though, there is bickering and they play on their own. When they do get together and do these sorts of games I just love it and actually writing them down will remind me in the future just how well they do get along. It also makes me realise that I need to take more video of them as they grow So Fast. Better go, Smaller's getting out the boxing gloves...


  1. I want to live at your house.

    Mr DC once taught our two a bath game called Stand Up, Sit Down, which was as messy as it sounds. It was fine when they were small enough that the tidal waves could be contained by the shower door, but once they got bigger ... It has been banned and is now talked about in wistful tones.

  2. oh my..... each one I read I thought was my fave until I got to the next. the star rating is inspired.
    fave game at our house at the moment seems to be sneaking up on people and frightening them, I am curently the winner as I lay in the dark at the top of the stairs and grabbed hubby's leg as he got to the top.....

  3. How fantastic they have so much fun together, and brilliant to have captured a memory of the games in a blog post!

    Brought back memories of similar high jinx that my kids got up to when they were younger, so much fun but sometimes/actually quite often ended in tears!

  4. My brother and I used to play the Spider Web Game at my granny's house. We were never bored enough to play it at home, but granny's house was very boring. It involved borrowing one of her balls of yarn and tying one end to a chair leg in the front room. Then winding the yarn around every chair leg, table leg and door handle until a large spider web had been made covering the entire room. We would then wriggle our way around the room trying not to get caught in the web.

  5. What fun. Dens was always my favourite - perhaps thats why I love camping?

  6. I think you should publish a book with your kiddies top games, that was so funny :-)

  7. I think I might have to print this out and put it somewhere for when I am desperate. perhaps next to the gin cabinet would be a good option...! Jacs x

  8. What a hilarious post - loved it and laughed a LOT! K x

  9. Love the game descriptions! It's great that the beans can play so well together! :) x

  10. Your blog makes me laugh and brightens my day and so I have given you a 'Lieber Blog' award! Hope you will accept it? I have just posted about it. Katie x