Friday, 4 November 2011

Thoth II

The Egyptian Gods have favoured me...
The papier mache covered balloon didn't pop.
The papier mache didn't stick to the balloon when I deflated it, realising I hadn't put any Vaseline or oil on it before I started sticking.
The cereal box worked well for an ibis beak. And it stuck without wobbling off. Hooray for Copydex!
I had blue material in the box in the loft.
There was black spray paint in the shed which hadn't run out.
Thoth was reincarnated...

And off he went to school today in the torrential rain. (Why is it that it always rains on dressing up days???) We met Cleopatras, Tutankhamuns, mummies and cats. There were Howard Carters aplenty. And Thoth.

I hope he doesn't scare the pants off the reception children...


  1. Scary! It must have taken ages for the to dry in between paper layers with the lovely damp weather we have been having.

  2. Well done. I'd have been lazy and done the mummy but really impressive :)

  3. A triumph!

    Read sue's comment with a mouthful of tea and nearly did the nosetrick laughing! Happy weekend supermum! xxx

  4. That turned out rather well :)

    It always seemed to be cold on dress up days - I remember telling a small roman he could change into sandals at school - he needed wellies on for the walk - it was snowing!

  5. Well done! Dressing up days do seem to happen mainly in winter for some reason - we have one on Monday so expect axtreme weather.

  6. Wow! I'm impressed!!
    We usually have great ideas but have trouble bringing them to fruition, things never usually work out the way we plan...

  7. Wow - that costume is fantastic! well done on all your hard work! :) x

  8. You put me to shame. On Egyptian day my elder one went in the same tunic I'd made for Roman day (which also doubles as an angel) with lots of junk jewellery. I don't think I scored many points - but I did go in to help and the chap running it told me I could have a future career as a maker of clay scarabs ;-)