Sunday, 10 July 2011


Take a walk out into some green space.

Lie down on the grass for five minutes.

Close your eyes.


distant cars

unknown flying beasties humming

children playing, bickering, laughing

breeze blowing the leaves of the huge oak

an aeroplane off to foreign lands

invisible grasshoppers chirruping

a cuckoo

the deep drone of a bumble bee

a pigeon cooing

a fly buzzing right by my ear
small birds high in the branches twittering to each other

twigs being snapped by faraway feet

pheasants chooking

What will you hear in your five minutes?


  1. I think I shall try that sometime this week - I guess lots the same as you :)

  2. A lovely idea, I shall find a spare five minutes sometime this week! :) x

  3. Lovely.

    Lying outdoors and zoning out a bit has always given me the strange sensation of energy, under the ground, and of the sense of orbit, barmy I know! Even more so staring at the stars. Shift of perspective and plane I guess, (no funny fags involved although it sounds like it!!). xx

  4. what a great idea, I'm going to try this, although I can imagine a small dog trying to get in on the act :) x x x x x x

  5. just reading those words and picturing some of the things you mention was relaxing and calming in itself. Any more restful words gratefully received thank you!!
    K x

  6. I do this when I've hung the washing and take a moment to lie on the trampoline and look at the sky. But not when it's freezing (like now) or pouring (like now). Just realised I really miss summer...

  7. Love this! I sometimes make little lists when I'm in the forest. I might have to steal your idea! It does transport you somewhere else reading this post. x