Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seeing isn't always believing

Imagine the scene...

3.15 on Friday aftenoon.
The sun is shining.

The school is a large primary in the centre of a city. 330 children. That equals a lot of people at pick-up time.

The playground is urban, well landscaped, green but surrounded by houses and the road isn't busy with traffic but there are parked cars and bicycles everywhere.

The children are all coming out of their classrooms.
Parents (mostly mummies) are standing round, chatting, hugging their children as they rush out.
Younger siblings are hanging off the climbing frames (not allowed but...) chasing each other and generally getting in the way of everyone collecting their scooters and bikes from the sheds.

Then suddenly there is a muntjac deer running through the crowds and desperately trying to find the exit. It hides momentarily in the hedge but then makes a bid for freedom out of the gate, dodging the scooters and book bags and disappears into the grounds of the education building next door.

Everyone in the playground is either standing with jaws dropped (no, not drawers) or saying 'What? Where? I don't believe you.'

And two days later, even though I saw the poor beastie with my own eyes, I still can't quite believe it either.


  1. What a surprise! Poor thing must have been terrified.

  2. I thought you were going to tell a terrible car versus child story there for a minute. Am somewhat relieved but hope the poor animal was ok.

  3. Poor thing - they can get very panicked when they can't find a way out.

  4. Blimey!!!!!! What a shocker, were all the children stood still in amazement?
    What a story!
    Have a great week,
    Andrea x

  5. That's a HUH? moment. Priceless. My last HUH? moment involved opening my front door and a bassett hound and a labrador came from nowhere, galloped into the house, did three circuits, wee-ed on my washing (not sure if it was the bassett or the lab) then ran back out on to the street.


    Give me your deer any time.

  6. good grief!

    although wild animals in the playground doesn't actually seem that unlikely if you think about it!