Sunday, 5 June 2011

Henry Ford take two

Ian Mankin. Heard of him? Fab tickings and stripes and checks abound in his shop and it is where I headed (online) when I started thinking about blinds for our new bath and bed room up in our newly converted loft. Commonly, and also contrarily, most grandly known here at BeanTowers as The Top Floor.

However. Trouble lay ahead. We have a problem with colour. We have nothing against colour but just with the choosing. If the charts and swatches had about five options, we would be well away. But they don't. Personally, I think Henry Ford had the right idea with the old 'You can have any colour you like as long as it's black.' Only here, it it Dulux white.

So I browsed and clicked and sent a wee message off to Mr Mankin, requesting a few samples. They arrived and I oohed and ahhed. Gorgeous little rectangles of thick beautiful fabric. But which to choose? Quite a decision as they are not cheap. And they have colour in them.

How about this one? Sagey. A bit too green I think.

This? Not too sure about the darker blue.

I think this could be it.

Definately not. Why did I pick this? So not me.

Pale grey ticking. Almost wins over the blue...

Too green again...

Mmm. Gaaaarrrgh. Which one???

I had a brainwave.

And to put the decision off, I got out the sewing machine and put the idea into reality. Want to see?

Like it? I am so pleased with myself that I'll show you another photo.

And no, it isn't for outside use (well not yet). It sits on our pew so that I can lean against it in the evening with my glass of wine.

And do you know which one I have chosen? None of them. I need someone to do it for me.


  1. No wonder you're pleased with yourself, the cushion cover is fabulous. My favourite rectangle is the second one down.

  2. the blue. and the cushion looks terrible on that pew so you should send it to me. the pew that is, you can keep the cushion. oh and post my that gorgeous garden chair whilst you're at it. ! xxx

  3. The cushion is fab!! I like all the fabrics but am thinking the pale grey would look good.
    Have a great week and hope you had a goosd half term.
    Andrea x

  4. Love it - they are quite generous with their swatches then. I like the greens and the blue stripes.... yes the blue stripe best because there are 2 different blues and a red in the fabric which gives extra accent colours (get me!) Difficult choice but looking forward to seeing the results of whichever you pick.
    Katie x