Tuesday, 3 May 2011


March flew.
But during April I experienced some sort of time-travel. Just what did happen to the days? Our holiday here, in a wind pump on the Norfolk Broads seems a light year away.

Did I just imagine that we stayed in this magical place, where owls and herons were a common sight? And the watery world we lived in was a dream?

Easter seems to have vanished into thin air too. Eggs long scoffed,

our Easter breakfast outside in the garden a distant memory.

Wedding celebrations, BigBean's 40th, lazy long weekends and school holidays are all over.

I'm quite sad about getting back to normal.

But we've only got four weeks til half term.


  1. The mill looks magical! It does seem like normal life has been suspended recently, I'm completely out of synch. xx

  2. I'm sad things are back to the old routine again! We've had a few great weeks down here! xx

  3. What a fab building for a holiday. Time is speeding past and I haven't been on blogger for nearly 10 days - how did that happen?! Busy trying to catch up as the children only had 6 days at school during April. You'll get back into it....eventually!
    K x

  4. What a fabulous place to stay!

    Getting back to routine is taking a while for me after so much time off in April, but hurrah, in four weeks I'll be off again!

  5. I thought the same today - just 4 weeks till the next hols :) and that time we're heading off camping with friends - can't wait :)

  6. What a lovely place for a holiday! Time is definitely flying past quickly! :) x