Tuesday, 3 January 2012


We have been so spoilt here this Christmas, not just with presents, but with the amount of time we have spent together as a family- hanging out, going for walks, eating every meal together, seeing friends and family and enjoying spending time at home with no pressure to Do Stuff.

So it was with a heavy heart that BigBean settled down to his last evening before going back to work. After we had eaten supper (Why are we eating? Surely we don't need to eat another morsel until at least January 23rd.) I had a sudden and rather generous idea to make BigBean a pasty/pie for his packed lunch with the leftover chicken stew. There were two reasons for this generous spirit. One- I couldn't refreeze the leftovers as they had only just come out of their icy hole and two- we had no bread for sarnies. (We are in an Old Mother Hubbard situation here.) So at 9.30 (pm!!!!) I rustled up some suet crust and made a pie. A pasty.

And I felt like a really good wife.

And BigBean biked off to work feeling slightly less grumpy than he could have done.


  1. whatever happens Mr D must never find out about bigbeans pie, he went back to work rather grumpy with a very sad sandwich....

  2. I think men like pies even more than they like sex.

  3. What a good wife you are :) Could just murder one of these now......

  4. Hurrah for your wifely wonderousness! very impressed. x

  5. Fancy moving in here? My husband rejects my offers of packed lunch and relies on Mr Tesco. I try not to be too offended.