Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I found a teeny dollies glass lurking at the back of the cupboard and had a sudden urge to fill it with flowers. I think the glass is quite old, it was nabbed* from a friend's grannie's house about twenty years ago and must have belonged to her or more likely, her daughter.

I was surprised at quite how many wee flowers were suitable.

There is a feeling that SmallerBean will take one look and nab it from me...

*the nabbing was done with full permission of the owner.


  1. truly lovely.
    I bought some tiny shot glasses at the charity shop just so I could minature arrangements. haven't managed it yet....

  2. How cute! That is a smiley posy. Kx

  3. Really, really pretty...(I too have some tiny glasses- the sun is out, perhaps I should head to the garden in search of inspiration...)

  4. Oh, beautiful. Glad to hear nabbing was with permission! Don't those colours look gorgeous together. x

  5. Hello Mrs Bean! That is absolutely gorgeous! I love things in miniature. The forget-me-nots are my fav I think. When you look at them close up like that and really study them you realise just how beautiful they are. x

  6. Oh that looks just lovely.

    Happy weekend,

    Nina x

  7. Aww, that looks so sweet! :) x