Friday, 3 August 2012

Inspiration of a pencilly kind

The gold and silveriness of the last couple of days has inspired the SmallBeans to celebrate our success in an artistic way.

SmallBean did a sport medley, though in his enthusiasm he did reinvent the spelling of the games... I love the simplicity of these little stick sportsmen and cannot choose my fave.

Smaller focussed on the first gold, though why only one of our ladies has a medal is unknown.
She likes to concentrate on a bit more detail. Like sunshine. (It is always sunny when you are four...)

I want more pictures.
We need more golds...


  1. frame as a momento for them? So sweet! x

  2. We have another rowing gold today -hoorah! I was really nervous watching it, I have no interest in rowing but I was desperate for them to win.

    Did you hear the story about a torch bearer who got a tattoo with 'Oylimpics 2012'?

  3. These are cute - I like the framing idea. I may get my boys to do their own artistic interpretations instead of tapping me up for t-shirts, hats, drinks bottles and cuddly wenlock.

  4. I think the second lady is waiting to have the medal placed around her neck ... she's smiling in anticipation!

    And yes, more medals and more commemorative pictures would be good :D

  5. oh truly adorable. more pictures to come !!!! xxxx

  6. How sweet. Mine have spent the past week running around making their own version up. They are a competitive bunch my lot.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  7. Love the pics! Did you get more pictures then? Plenty of golds to choose from! :) x