Thursday, 10 January 2013


I have been enjoying the scent of the opening hyacinths,

toasting myself by the fire,

baking some oaty, coconuty cookies for the gang of small people who are coming here after school,

loving my new socks (have you ever tried to take flattering photos of your own legs? Very tricky...)

and having a bit of time to start this book while the house is quiet. I immersed myself in the first two of the quartet after Christmas. Fabulous stuff.
Now I just need to summon up the strength to go and sort out this.


  1. Personally, I'd stick with the book. If you have a houseful after school, they'll only trash it again!

  2. I loved the Shetland Quartet. It's due to become a quintet at the beginning of Feb -can hardly wait.

  3. I have been doing a bit of fireside toasting today too - very foggy and cold here.

  4. Am well jealous of your wood burner!
    How did you manage to photograph your legs then? ;)

  5. ooh, I devoured the 4 shetland books having read about them on The Quince Tree blog. Forget the cleaning, head for the wood burner with a cuppa and your book!

  6. Read the book and smell the hyacinth (maybe while eating oaty cookie goodness). As Ali, says the horde will only trash it again. I always go for the easiest impact - duvet straightened and drag toys to one pile! x
    ps. Did you have to use a yoga pose for the leg picture?

  7. ooh haven't read any of those books, love the rest of the day except the tidying.....