Saturday, 13 April 2013

Looking Down

Looking up is supposed to be better for you for a number of reasons. I can't really be bothered to think of them now as this isn't a looking up kind of post. Maybe I'll do one of those next time.
We spent a week in The Borders, just outside Castle Douglas, and quite a bit of it was spent looking down. This was partly out of necessity, as the cottage we stayed in is on a very steep hill, and partly because there were lots of interesting things to look at around the wellie area.

 The BeanSprouts made a most excellent fire and didn't manage to burn themselves. Probably because they were looking down.

 I got deep into the snowdrift which stayed all week (Beans named it The Glacier). I didn't slip over because I was looking down.

 Stream walking cannot be done when you are searching the trees for woodpeckers. Take it from me...

 Mr Toad did not have his car with him. 

 'Hey. Yes, you. Big foot. Mind where you are putting your size sixes!'

 Small got stuck. I nearly fell down laughing...

 Smaller found a very poorly fish when she was looking down in a rockpool.

 A rather fabulous castle was built on the beach by the Bean girls and looking down onto it was really quite gorgeous.

 And of course, no beach time is ever worth doing if a bit of combing and treasure seeking isn't involved. Do you like my tiny bit of brick with writing on it?

 None of these would have been spied if I had been head-up and sky gazing.

It is definitely worth a glance earthward every now and then.


  1. Lots of treasures there. I'm not sure I'd have picked up the fish or the toad but I am glad you did. And also glad I'm not the only one who sometimes laughs at children's little misfortunes!

  2. excellent downward looking my dear !

  3. That castle is rather stunning... a lovely piece of environmental art... especially looking down onto it!

  4. Looking down is indeed fab as you can see so many pretty things that way :-) looks like a wonderful break.